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Article editing helps ensure that your articles follow journalistic format and styling.

The following information will help you craft an article with a professional, experienced, and objective tone used in most publications.

What is an article?

An article is a report of an important news story. It may be a short blurb about breaking news or a long-form, in-depth analysis of an important topic or issue. Newspapers and websites publish articles that appeal to their readers.

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How do you write and edit articles?

You should write articles in the journalistic style. Journalistic style differentiates an article from other kinds of writing. An article always starts with the most important piece of information. You can then mention more extraneous details.

An article will often include the following:

  • Headline: A headline needs to be bold and attention grabbing. Editors sometimes write the headline, but you should still give your article a title.
  • Angle: The hook of the story is what readers are going to pay attention to. Why is this story important? What makes it unique?
  • Introduction: The introduction should sum up the most important information first. Articles can jump around in place and time. You don’t have to “start at the beginning.”
  • Quotes: Writers use articles to gather reactions to important events. Quotes are the foundation of journalism. You need to integrate them into the body of the article.

Articles can be about major world issues or small neighborhood events. To practice writing articles, don’t worry about whether your article could get published. Instead, find something interesting and have fun. Readership will follow.

Article Editing Services

Elite Editing provides article proofreading and other document proofreading services. Article editors will check for journalistic format and styling. They will help you craft the professional, experienced tone used in most publications.

Our article and journal editing services include:

  • Review of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax
  • Comparison to journalistic structures and standards
  • Check of formatting for all quotes
  • Overview of structure, styling, and integration of graphic elements
  • Comprehensive look at the voice and tone of the piece

Write your first article or your hundredth with the help of Elite Editing.


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