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Journalism editing services will ensure your reports on events and experiences are concise and professional and stand out from the pack.

Journalists report on current events and experiences using a variety of media formats. They inform others of important events in the community, city, country, or world. Anyone can write like a journalist!

How do you write in a journalistic style?

Journalistic style conveys information and describes events in the simplest, catchiest way. Articles always start with the most important piece of information.

The elements of a good piece of journalism include the following:

  • Angle: Why is this story important? What makes you or your publication the best place to hear news of this story? This unique element is the story’s angle. It’s why people are reading your work and not someone else’s.
  • Introduction: News story introductions include the most important information first. They don’t summarize or outline the rest of the story. Think of a story as like an inverted pyramid. The introduction should make it top heavy. It gradually narrows to the least important information at the end. Readers will get the gist of the story early. Editors can also easily remove extraneous information.
  • Quotes: Quotes are an important part of any story. You can receive quotes from a public personality or an average person in the community. The most important part of quotes is making sure you get them exactly right. Journalism is about the truth. No one wants to be accidentally misquoted.

Journalism is one of the fundamental elements of a free country. Newspaper editors and journalism editing editors take their jobs seriously. The news holds people accountable and spreads the word about important events.

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Journalism Editing

Journalistic style is very different than other kinds of writing. It can be daunting to start your first article. Let Elite Editing’s journalism editing service help you structure your work.

Our journalism editing services include the following:

  • A review of spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax
  • An overview of the article and whether it corresponds to correct journalistic style
  • A review of the data and facts presented
  • A look at the integration of quotes
  • An evaluation of voice and tone

Let Elite Editing help you master the journalistic style with our professional journalism editing services.


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