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From self-help to psychology to the history of modern art, our nonfiction editing services will make your manuscript shine and help your voice be heard.

Nonfiction is writing based on real events and research. Nonfiction prose can take the form of an entire book, an article, an essay, a paper, or other media.

How to write nonfiction

The most important element of nonfiction books and other media is veracity. You need to write about something real. The subject can be a particular event, a person, a scientific advancement, a mathematical concept, a crime, or something else entirely. It must be true. Nonfiction writers should thoroughly research the topics before beginning their works. The facts must guide the manuscript, not the other way around.

Nonfiction should be both informative and entertaining. Writers use it to explore unfamiliar topics or bring attention to looming problems or concerns. Nonfiction doesn’t have to be about the world at large though. Memoirs, essays, and biographies are also nonfiction. When you tweet about something you did today, you are writing nonfiction.

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Nonfiction Editing

Nonfiction can come in many forms, but it should always be clear for the audience. Elite Editing’s nonfiction editing services will help you structure your work and check it for any major or minor mistakes. Even erratic punctuation can affect a reader’s experience.

Our nonfiction editing services include the following:

  • A review of all materials for correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax
  • A comprehensive look at the manuscript or other media for structure and clarity
  • An overview of the tone and voice
  • A check of formatting and style for quotes, citations, and other manuscript additions

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