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Portfolio editing services allow you to showcase your written works to great effect.

A portfolio is a compilation of your body of work as a writer.

How to make a portfolio

A freelance writer’s portfolio should include your best pieces and a wide variety of subjects, genres, and media if possible.

Portfolios should also include the following:

  • Biography: This should be the only new part of the portfolio. This should include your work history and personal and professional accomplishments.
  • Links: Employers now look at your social media footprint before hiring. This is especially true with writers. Employers want to know that you can keep an attractive social media presence. Show them how you use various platforms to promote your brand. You should include links to your professional social media platforms and author website.

Ten to thirty pieces is the average in a portfolio compilation.

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Portfolio Editing Services

Elite Editing will take a comprehensive look at your entire portfolio. Editors will check it for cohesion, clarity, and voice. We can suggest the most powerful pieces to include in the portfolio. This is your best chance to show prospective employers who you are as a writer.

Our portfolio editing services include the following:

  • A review of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax
  • An evaluation of the tone and style of the pieces included
  • A consultation with you to make sure you are communicating effectively with potential employers
  • A check of live links and other social media components
  • An overview of format, style, and design

Our portfolio editing services will help you show off all you’ve accomplished as a writer.


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