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Query letter editing services will help you create a professional letter that will get the attention of any agent or publisher.

A query letter accompanies the submission of your manuscript to an agent or publisher. It describes your manuscript and why you think an agent or publisher should consider it for publication. Writing an attention-grabbing query letter is the first step in the publication process. Great query letters act as résumés for manuscripts.

How to write a query letter

A query letter describes your book and why you think it is unique in its genre. It also includes information about your life. Agents and publishers want to know that you are responsible, savvy, and capable of promoting your own work. If you don’t seem enthusiastic about your manuscript, why should someone else?

A query letter includes the following:

  • A Hook: The hook is what makes your book different, special, and worthy of publication. Imagine telling your friends in one sentence what your book is about. You wouldn’t just describe what happens—you would jump to the most exciting part.
  • A Summary: The summary should act as the trailer for your book. It should give agents and publishers just enough of the plot to keep them intrigued. You should also describe your book’s target audience and genre.
  • A Bio: The biography should list your attributes as a writer. Do you have an interesting job that makes you an expert on the material in your manuscript? Have you won writing awards? List your accomplishments. Often, new writers may feel self-conscious if they don’t have any achievements yet. Many people are just like you! Just focus on communicating to your readers about who you are as a person.

Writing a query letter is the best way to get your foot in the door in the publishing industry. You should put as much thought into one as you would put into a résumé.

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Query Letter Editing

Elite Editing can help you craft the perfect query letter for your manuscript with query letter editing services. We will work with you to make sure the letter is clear and professional.

Our query letter editing services include the following:

  • A review of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax
  • An evaluation of the voice and tone
  • A check against the agent and publisher requirements
  • An overview of the layout for any style issues

Query letter editing will help you get your big break with the perfect letter to an agent or publisher.


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