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Make Elite Editing your on-call business editing team.

Your business creates thousands of documents each year, many of which are repurposed by team members who’ve seen them too many times to notice common editing errors. That means things like dropped paragraphs, typos, or a previous client’s company name may find their way into your business documents.

These common editing mistakes all conspire to make you look less than professional. That’s something you can’t afford. And that’s why you should make Elite Editing your on-call editing team.

Get the benefits of a professional editor, without the overhead.

As your on-call business editing team, we fit right in. From the moment you say go, our business editing and proofreading team will seamlessly blend with your team and into your process. That way, you and your team continue to produce documents as you’ve always done, knowing we’re there to take care of the entire editing process. There’s no ramp-up time required.


Take Your Business Communications to the Next Level

Elite Editing is built for businesses like yours. We employ only the best proofreaders and editors, who are on call for you, at any time, to get the job done right. Let us show you how you can take your business communications to the next level!

Our editing services for businesses include the following:
Advertisement Editing
Annual Report Editing
Brochure Editing
Grant Proposal Editing
Marketing Materials Editing
PowerPoint Editing
Press Release Editing
Training Manual Editing

How does our proofreading and editing work?

We’ll send you two documents, one with changes clearly marked using the 
track changes tool and one clean version with all of the changes already made.
 This way, you can review each edit or go straight to print—your choice.

Learn more about how our services set you up for success.

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For One-Time Projects

  • Affordable

    Pay only for the editing and proofreading services you need, when you need them.

  • Personalized

    Get customized editing and proofreading services that meet your specific needs—from quality control to project management.

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For Corporations

  • Business Expertise

    Get editing and proofreading services matched to your project from editors who know your business—whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500.

  • 24/7

    Get your documents when you need them, with a staff that works for you—all day, every day.

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How we helped this top-tier university create documents that impact the world

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Elite Editing was integral in getting our website up on time. The information on our website is vital to so many people and must be correct. Elite Editing is a company that understands and values this, and it was a pleasure to work with them.
Matt Levinson, Sol Levinson & Bros. Inc.


We are always able to trust Elite Editing with confidential, time-sensitive documents. Thank you, as always, for a job well done.
Philip Shapiro, Liberty Maritime Corporation


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We’ve edited every kind of business document

Our business editing team specializes in editing business documents of all kinds: advertisements, annual reports, copywriting, brochures, business plans, marketing materials, web copy optimization (SEO), and anything else you have on deck. Because our editors have such deep experience, you can rest assured your copy will be perfect, every time.

Our business editing services include the following:

Advertorials and Advertisement Editing

The key to effective advertising is writing smart, concise copy that is both persuasive and error-free. Elite Editing’s staff of experienced editors and proofreaders will help you perfect and share your message.

Annual Report Editing

The annual report is one of the most important documents your company produces. It summarizes the year’s work for shareholders and potential investors. Before you go to print, make sure your annual report is error-free with our professional editing and proofreading services.

Brochure Editing and Proofreading

The brochure may seem like a simple leave-behind, but for a small piece, it has tremendous impact. It acts as an ambassador for new business, expressing your company’s goals and offering information to potential customers in a way no other marketing piece can. Our editing team can help you craft your message as well as proofread and edit your final brochure.

Business Letter Editing

The business letter has a very particular style, tone, and format. One might even call it an art. Business communications can make or break a sale as well as help maintain—and even strengthen—your business relationships. Let us proofread and edit your most important business letters to ensure that they’re perfect.

Business Plan Editing

The business plan is the road map for your future business—and its success. It is also a handout that you can present to potential investors, so making sure it’s well written, organized, and error-free is essential. A final proofread is imperative before you go to print.

Grant Proposal Editing

Writing a grant proposal is an arduous but necessary task for most nonprofit organizations. Before you submit your proposal for review, make sure it’s perfect by submitting it for a thorough edit and proofread.

Marketing Materials Editing

It’s important to establish a consistency of voice in your marketing materials in order to establish a consistency in your brand. Our editing team will ensure you’ve accomplished this by proofreading and polishing your marketing materials as a whole.

PowerPoint Presentations Editing and Proofreading

Whether you’re giving a PowerPoint presentation or printing it and leaving it as a sales piece, every slide counts. Our editors are familiar with the latest in Microsoft software and can help ensure that your presentation is seamless and error-free.

Press Release Editing

The press release is your most direct way of speaking to the media and, in effect, to the general public. It’s important to give journalists the facts while being perfectly clear about what it is you wish to publicize. Elite Editing will help you clarify your message as well as check that your press release is ready to go public.

Training Manual and Guide Editing

Whether writing an instruction booklet for a hi-tech device, a training manual for operational procedures, or a guide to expected workplace behavior, it is imperative that every step is clearly laid out and easily understood by the widest possible audience. A final edit and proofread is essential to ensure clarity, consistency, and above all, accessibility.

Web Copy Editing

Statistics show that the average user spends only a few seconds on any particular website. What you say—and how you say it—makes all the difference in whether or not the reader will stay or bounce to another site. Our web editors are familiar with SEO, SEM, and copywriting for the web. Let us proofread, test, and optimize your site and improve your results.

Take Your Business Communications to the Next Level

Elite Editing is built for businesses like yours. We employ only the best proofreaders and editors, who are on call for you, at any time, to get the job done right. Let us show you how you can take your business communications to the next level!

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