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When you partner with Elite, we start by designing a business content writing production system that combines your expertise with ours.

Together, we create incredible content to support your marketing and sales efforts. You get a project manager, a content strategist, writers and editors, rounds of feedback, quality control, and a calendar of scheduled work. We manage everything internally so that you can concentrate on building your business and meeting your sales goals.

On call and ready to execute your content strategy at scale

Elite can work with you for a short-term push or a long-term haul. We create systems and processes that keep our output at the same level of quality, whatever the scale. That means you get to dream big. In fact, the bigger your dream, the more you need Elite.

Taking your business communications to the next level

Elite Editing is built for businesses like yours. Our skilled writers and editors are on call for you, ready to produce and polish appealing content that strengthens your brand and displays your expertise. We craft readable, natural copy that also uses SEO best practices to ensure it performs. Thus, we give you high-quality content that is attractive to all browsers (whether algorithmic or human). And that gains you visibility, high rankings on Google, and interested customers.

Keeping the writing wheels turning

When you entrust us with your content strategy, we spring into action, creating a team of writers who take the time they need to learn your voice and style. Your feedback refines our process as we create a style guide tailored to your specific requirements. We integrate your needs with ease and create our own internal processes to manage workflow so you don’t have to.

Our editing services for businesses include:
Advertisement Editing
Annual Report Editing
Brochure Editing
Grant Proposal Editing
Marketing Materials Editing
PowerPoint Editing
Press Release Editing
Training Manual Editing

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Business Content Editing and Proofreading Services

Elite Editing is dedicated to perfection, which is precisely what you want from your editorial team. No typo is safe from our laser-focused gaze, and your copy goes through multiple layers of oversight before it is returned to you.

The benefits without the overhead

If you’re already producing great content, carry on! As your on-call business editing team, we fit right in. Our business editors will seamlessly merge into your process so you and your team can continue to produce documents as you’ve always done. We’re there to take care of the entire editing process without ramp-up time!

We can right any writing

At Elite Editing, we are adept at ensuring your expertise, your brand, your voice, and your style are consistent across all documents. Furthermore, our devotion to perfection means you can be certain of receiving business content writing that’s grammatically flawless, search engine optimized, and reader friendly.

Keep repurposed content fresh

Once you’ve created content, it should be used and reused—but be wary! Once you’ve seen a document a dozen times, it’s too easy to overlook little things like a misspelled word or a previous client’s name. These “little” errors can make your content look sloppy. Elite protects your company’s reputation for excellence.

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What exactly is content writing?

The phrase “content is king” reflects the important role quality website content plays in web-marketing strategies. Quality business content writing encompasses all words on your website or in your emails: web pages, blog posts, product descriptions, even FAQs. All the content you put onto the web will ideally be part of a broader content strategy, one that identifies those key terms people search for when they’re looking for your business. Professional content writing services like Elite Editing have learned exactly how to craft content that brings people to your website—and keeps them there.

Why is a content strategy so important for your business?

The increasingly sophisticated algorithms search engines use to rank search results do still search for keywords, but that’s only one of several criteria. In addition, unless those keywords and phrases appear in organic text—text that reads easily and naturally—the search engine will rank the website lower. Thus, the site will be further down in the search results, perhaps on page three or four. Search engine bots are also looking to see what any particular piece of content links to and where it’s linked. The timeliness of the text also affects how a web page will rank. So to rank well on Google, you need fresh, well-written content that links to other fresh and well-written content. To achieve that end, you need a strategy.

How do proofreading and editing work?

When you send us a document, we first make sure it gets into the hands of the right editor for your project. Next, we edit or proof your documents while preserving your unique voice. We even create a style guide just for you so we can be sure our edits are consistent both within and across all deliverables. Then we edit using the track changes tool, which allows you to review all the tweaks we’ve made and either accept or reject them as you see fit.

How do I know what kind of editing I need?

You don’t need to decide that on your own—we’ll talk you through the whole process. And while we do that, we’re already getting a feel for your voice and style as well as your business and your expertise. Elite Editing exists to solve word problems (and not the mathematical kind). So whatever your concern, we’re ready to point you in the right direction and create a business content writing system that will reliably address that concern for as long as you partner with us.


Take Your Communications to the Next Level

Elite Editing is built for you. We employ only the best writers, proofreaders and editors, who are on call for you, at any time, to get the job done right. Let us show you how you can take your business communications to the next level!

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