The Company

Points North is a small design studio dedicated to creating branding and identity work, designing websites, and developing experiential marketing for brands that want to be remembered. For its size, Points North has an impressively diverse array of clients, each of whom has a unique style with its own requirements.

The Challenge

The agency was searching for an editorial partner that could ensure every project adheres to the individual client’s tone and specific editorial style—and could do so on deadline. It was a tall order, considering the assortment of schedules and style guide requirements. That’s why Points North turned to Elite Editing.

The Solution

Elite Editing set to work for Points North by assigning the agency an editorial team, including a project manager, that was responsible for all of Points North’s clients.

The entire Elite team familiarized themselves with each of the Points North clients, calendars, style guides, and editorial requirements. This enabled them to edit every project, from monthly consumer-facing reports to websites, with a tailored approach.

In addition, Elite offered Points North a flexible editing process that allows for multiple rounds of edits on the same project when needed. Elite’s professional editors never lost focus on big-picture messaging or the tiny details to ensure flawless results, even after multiple rounds of changes and refinements.

What’s more, since the agency world is an “everything as soon as possible” environment, senior editors followed methods that helped Elite meet Points North client deadlines with 100 percent turnaround time.

“Helping our clients reach their audiences with messages that resonate means we can’t take a cookie-cutter approach to anything we do, including editing,” says Jessica Watson, owner of Points North. “We’ve got clients who do everything from helping people overcome asthma and allergies in their homes to providing customers with legal advice. Elite Editing handles the finishing edits so we don’t have to worry about typos or inconsistencies. That gives us more time and energy to focus on what we do best—creating memorable messaging and branding.”

The Results

  • Edited client materials to company-specific styles to ensure adherence to each client’s tone, messaging, and guidelines
  • Provided multiple rounds of editing on the same projects as requested by clients and agency while maintaining editorial quality
  • Met a variety of deadlines on an ongoing basis

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