We’re looking for top-tier senior editors with exceptional knowledge of The Chicago Manual of Style.

Learn more about who we are, what working with Elite is like, and how to apply.

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Who we are

​​Elite Editing is a full-service editing and writing firm dedicated to producing high-quality content for a wide variety of clients.

Who you are

You’re an experienced and adaptable editor looking for steady, varied work that you can do at home in a way that suits your life and schedule.

You strive for perfection in everything you do, and you love to say yes to new challenges. You might be an experienced independent contractor looking for a more collaborative work culture, or you might be new to freelance work and unsure how to start. Either way, you’re looking for people who will appreciate your talent and expertise—and that’s exactly what you’d find at Elite.

  • You’re a top-tier editor comfortable with The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition (parts I and II; part III, which governs citations, is less applicable at Elite—we truly mean style and grammar!).
  • You have three to five years of experience in editing or more than five years of copywriting experience, or both.
  • You have twenty or more hours a week available for projects.
  • You respond quickly to project requests, work and communicate well with a team, and light up at the thought of engaging with an established, detailed process.
  • You’re adept at Microsoft Word and the Google suite of applications.

Here’s a little more information:

  • Location: Work from anywhere! This position is freelance and remote.
  • Workload: This is flexible; however, we are looking for some editors who can commit to a minimum of twenty hours per week.
  • Pay: Pay is based on the project type and service line, but project pay is based on a minimum $25/hour rate, with higher pay available based on volume and expertise.
  • We offer two tests for this senior editorial position. You can take one or both of them.





Download the test(s) to apply today!

Senior Editing Test – Publishing Clients


Senior Editing Test – Technology



PLEASE NOTE! Whether you complete one test or both, complete ONLY ONE submission form with ALL completed tests attached. At this point, you will see a confirmation screen that confirms we’ve received your test(s). We will get back to you to let you know if we are going to move to the next step!


The next step

Elite Editing is a full-service editing and writing firm dedicated to producing high-quality content for a wide variety of clients.

Start your Elite journey today by taking the first of five simple steps.

  • Step 1: Testing

    Since we have so many different clients and projects, we want to make sure that we find the right fit for you. We’ve therefore designed a series of tests to ascertain your skills and determine where you would thrive. We see our tests as a kind of virtual interview—you want to show us what you can do, and we definitely want to see your talent.

    We offer two different tests, each aimed at evaluating your suitability for particular service lines. Download one test...or both—you choose your own adventure here, depending on your skills, interests, and experience. Follow the included instructions, and submit your finished test(s) when you’re ready.

  • Step 2: Results

    We will contact you within 7 days of submission to let you know how you did. If you look like a good fit, we’ll invite you to join the onboarding queue!

  • Step 3: Onboarding

    We want to ensure you and Elite are a mutually good fit, so we have a provisional period during which we try to match you with the best projects for your skill sets. During this time, we set you up in our payment system so that you’re paid for all the work you do as we get a feel for each other. We will also send you more details on our processes and style guides to set you up for success.

  • Step 4. Welcome

    Once we all decide we’re meant to work together, we’ll send you an official welcome kit and invite you to a culture call.

  • Step 5. Celebrate

    Celebrate your work anniversaries with us, and enjoy the profound benefits of a mutually respectful work environment—and a life that never has to take a back seat to your career.