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We know content writing. We’ve created thousands of detailed product descriptions, optimized blog posts, social media posts, and case studies that are crafted to drive traffic to your site and directly support your bottom line. In short, we write content that sells.

Your Expertise and Ours: Perfect Together

You know your business intimately—all its twists and turns, all its complexities, all its uniqueness. But how do you communicate that to your clients and colleagues? How can you consistently provide great content that speaks equally clearly to both fellow experts and potential customers?

That’s where our expertise comes in. At Elite Editing, we don’t just create great content that performs. We also create customized systems that allow us to easily scale our great content to suit your goals and timetable.

Think of Elite Editing as your content partner. We never casually send your blog posts to a marketplace of freelance writers. Instead, we build you a whole process, including a fully personalized team: everything from a project manager to senior editors, editors, writers, and proofreaders.

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The power of expert content

You’re here because you already know the incredible power of content to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals. You know that good, consistent content has the ability to increase traffic to your website and increase sales leads, which will help you meet your growth goals and (not incidentally) increase revenue.

Maybe you’ve tried hiring outside writers and found that it doesn’t work. Maybe the writer didn’t get it, or maybe your subject matter is just too technical. Or perhaps you don’t have the internal bandwidth to launch what you need. Your employees are already busy, so they might produce one or two good articles, but there’s no consistency of voice or quality and no regularity to your output.

A process designed for you

At Elite Editing, we understand, and we can help. We know how to produce great writing that captures your subject matter expertise. And what’s more, we can do it at any scale. Here’s what we offer:

  1. Understanding. We work with your team to define exactly what you want, everything from format and content to goals and outcomes.
  2. Research. We take time to research and understand your organization, its voice, and your competitive landscape.
  3. A fluid process. Your senior team has two purposes: to make sure we remain agile and open to change and to provide your team of writers with the support and guidance they need to convey your organization’s unique viewpoint.
  4. Quality content. Our writers transmit your expertise in polished, accessible prose. Your senior editing team reviews everything before it reaches your hands.
  5. Availability. You have a single point of contact, your project manager, who will answer questions, pass along feedback, facilitate discussions between our team and yours, and keep everything on schedule.
  6. Response to input. There’s always room for improvement, and we thrive on feedback. We use your responses to further clarify your profile, incorporating that refined understanding into both upcoming articles and our process.
  7. Smooth scaling. Because we focus first on building a system that works, we don’t need to rely on a few good writers because we create a system that can train up a thousand. When you’re ready to scale, so are we.
  8. Consistency and quality. By creating style sheets and process documents, Elite makes sure you never have to train us twice. What we’ve learned from you doesn’t live with just one person—it’s shared across our team.

If you’re ready to scale, we’re ready to write.

Whatever your content writing strategy, however ambitious, Elite’s content writing experts are ready.

We don’t just hire one writer to write on a particular subject matter. We have tried-and-tested systems that keep our output at the same level of quality whether we’re writing ten articles or a hundred. By basing our web content writing services on the information architecture provided by a solid content brief, we write content that embraces your business goals and keeps your clients clicking through.

Types of content include the following:

  • Blog content creation
  • SEO content
  • Article writing
  • E-books and white papers
  • Case studies

Why expertise truly matters

You might be thinking that surely only other subject matter experts can write intelligently about your company. We’ve proven again and again that this simply isn’t true. What you need are expert writers who can harness your subject-matter expertise and turn that into well-written, well-researched content that’s targeted to your audience. We conduct targeted SME-led interviews. In addition, we do deep dives into research. And we craft content briefs for your approval to make sure we nailed it even before the writing starts.

Forging a content writing path with and for you

If you already have a vision for your content strategy, our professional content writers are ready to do the hard work of creating content that fulfills that vision. If you want a strategizing partner, Elite is the content writing agency to choose. We have years of experience at producing beautifully written copy that never trades readability for SEO optimization. Our affordable content writing services suit any budget, from small start-ups to giant Fortune 500s.

The Elite difference

Our unique approach to content creation means we can write about anything. We build in time to do research and discovery, including in-depth interviews with your team’s subject-matter experts. We can even do the keyword research and gap analysis so that your copy performs on Google as powerfully as it speaks to the informed reader. When you partner with Elite, we download your institutional knowledge and style, creating a process unique to you. That allows us to scale with ease, and that frees you to dream big.

Take Your Communications to the Next Level

Elite Editing is built for you. We employ only the best writers, proofreaders and editors, who are on call for you, at any time, to get the job done right. Let us show you how you can take your business communications to the next level!


What types of content writing services are there?

There are a few different types of content writing services (freelance writers, boutique firms, writing clearinghouses). Although it’s possible for some larger companies to have full-time employees serving as their website content writing creation team, that’s rarely a practical solution. A content strategy typically varies with the season or with the natural rhythm of your business. So it makes more sense to build a relationship with a company like Elite Editing, which can write what you need when you need it.

Where can you get content for your website?

If you’re wondering where to get content for your website, the one-word answer is “everywhere.” A quick Google search will show you that it’s not hard to pay an unknown freelancer peanuts for a five-hundred-word blog post. But a better question than “Where can you get content for your website?” is “Where can you get high-quality content writing for your website?” You don’t just want content: you want content that performs. For that, you need to partner with content writing experts like those at Elite Editing.

What makes Elite Editing’s content services different?

Elite Editing is not a content warehouse—we don’t farm out our assignments to a network of disconnected freelancers. You will work with a dedicated project manager, a liaison between you and your Elite content writing team. Our in-house senior editors lead teams of vetted, trained, and experienced writers, and we give them the time and resources they need to get to know you, your voice, and your industry.