White papers are informative tools for your existing and potential customers. They communicate new products or exciting updates using infographics and data. They help establish you as a thought leader in your industry. So they need to be very well written! That’s why it’s common for companies to consider outsourcing white paper writing.

How outsourcing works for writing a white paper

Many companies look to professional content creators to produce verbiage for their websites and blogs. And every white paper deserves a skilled writer too! Just like any other content-driven part of your marketing strategy, you can outsource your white papers.

Who typically commissions white papers?

Businesses often commission a professional writer to create their white papers. An outside writer brings a fresh perspective and can produce effective content. And an experienced white paper writer can produce quality content. Basically, outsourcing your white paper to a professional writer can increase the white paper’s effectiveness.

In short: You should write your own business letters. But let a professional with strong marketing and writing skills create your white papers!

What is the point of a white paper?

A white paper communicates valuable information to its audience. Many companies include white papers in their content marketing strategy because the papers can help increase interest in your company’s products and services.

Your white paper topic will depend on what new information your company wants to share. For instance, maybe you’ve just created a project management software and are ready to launch it to your existing and prospective customers. Or maybe you’ve come up with a business process that’ll help your clients solve their cost analysis challenges. Whatever the topic, use your white paper as a vehicle to communicate your news, service, or product to the world.

What do you need to outsource the writing of a white paper?

If you’re ready to hire an outsourced writer for your white paper, you’ll need to prepare some information so that your writer has a good grasp on the project. Here are a few questions that your professional writer will need you to answer:

  • Who is your target audience? Are you gearing this white paper toward large companies, small businesses, or direct to consumers?
  • What is your white paper topic? Describe why you want a white paper, and why your target audience will want to read it.
  • What is your company culture? Give your outside writer a thorough description of the voice you want them to use. Should they create very serious content, or should it be more lighthearted? Brand guidelines and key competitors are great resources for your writer as well. Help the writer understand your brand so they can produce a strong white paper for you.

Reasons to outsource white paper writing

As a business owner or administrator, you’re probably well versed in writing official letters. But that writing skill doesn’t necessarily translate to creating marketing content like social media posts, blogs, and white papers. That’s where outsourced writers come in!

Who can benefit from outsourcing white paper writing?

Every single company can benefit from outsourcing content creation. Outsourcing your content to a professional writer or a freelancer brings a fresh perspective to your marketing strategy. Experienced content creators are skilled in gaining a thorough understanding of your company and the best way to communicate to your target audience.

An outside writer can give a boost to your entire content marketing strategy. Every blog post, social media campaign, and website landing page should include quality content written by a professional writer. And this goes for white papers, too! Adding an experienced white paper writer to your content creation team can really increase your visibility to existing and potential clients.

When should you consider outsourcing white paper creation?

Your company’s content is a representation of the company itself. So it needs to be high quality! And although anyone can put a few sentences together, creating quality content is a skill that not everyone possesses.

A white paper needs to be well written because it’s often a client’s first impression of your company. Your white paper will educate clients about how you can help them. Maybe it includes some technical content about your product, or an infographic that illustrates your service’s efficiency. Regardless, it’s an important marketing tool that needs to be written by a high-quality content creator. And since many companies don’t have content writers in-house, it’s often best to freelance this content creation to a content agency with an experienced white paper writer on their staff.

How can outsourcing the writing of a white paper save your business time and money?

As a business owner with a solid support staff, you’re a thought leader in your field. But you might not have the time or resources to create your own content marketing. Your team should stay focused on growing the business and servicing your existing clients—not on writing marketing content.

When you hire a content agency to create your white paper, you’re hiring a professional partner that will create high-quality and effective content for you. Professional writers are trained to work efficiently. So they’ll be able to produce a high-quality white paper quite quickly. You’ll save time by not having to write the white paper yourself—and by not having to micromanage the writer!

Outsourcing your white paper writing can also save you money because you only pay for the service that the writer provides. Think about it: if you need an essay or a website landing page professionally edited, you just hire an editor to do that one job. It’s the same for white papers: you can hire a professional to get the job done and save money in the process!

Pros and cons of outsourcing white paper writing

Writing is a skill. From addressing a letter to creating social media posts to writing a white paper, every word that your company presents to the public needs to be carefully chosen by a skilled writer.

Hiring a professional writer to create your white papers can increase the success of the white paper—and any other marketing content that they create! But what challenges might you face in outsourcing your white paper writing? And how do you avoid any pitfalls?

How can you mitigate the challenges of outsourcing white paper writing?

The best way to avoid any frustrations when you outsource your white paper writing is to be prepared. Your white paper writer will only be able to create quality content if you provide them with quality information. Here are a few things that your content creator will need to understand before they can start working on your white paper:

  • Company culture. What kind of tact and tone should your white paper have? Will it be a formal document with data charts, or should it be lighthearted with an eye-catching infographic? Provide your writer with brand awareness so they can create a white paper that accurately reflects your company.
  • Technical content. Your writer will need any data or specifications that should be included in the white paper.
  • Content. Give your outsourced writer a list of words to use—and not to use! For instance, if you’re in the service industry, it’s possible that you can only use the word “estimate” instead of the word “quote” when you discuss pricing. Your writer needs to know this.

Once you’ve set up your professional content creator for success, just sit back and let their writing skills take over. They’ll create engaging content that your target audience will want to read. And this means more business for you!

How do you avoid getting scammed when outsourcing white paper writing?

Whether you run a large company or own a small business, getting scammed can be a concern. Fortunately, you can easily hire an established and reputable content agency to write your white paper, blogs, and social media posts!

The key to hiring the right content partner is research. Ask your marketing team to find and interview at least three different content agencies so you can make a well-rounded decision. Find out what services each agency offers. Some agencies will only offer writing services. But some might also be able to help with copyediting, graphic design, web design, and other facets of your marketing strategy.

Once you’ve narrowed your search to a few potential content creators, research each of them. Is their website professional and helpful? Are they willing to give you personal attention over the phone and via email? What do their customers say about them in online reviews?

Research equips you with the knowledge you need to make the best decision for your company. And this helps prevent you from getting scammed!

What is the difference between using freelance writers and choosing one marketing agency for your white paper outsourcing?

There are a lot of freelancers and marketing agencies for you to choose from. But what’s the difference, and what’s best for your company’s white paper outsourcing? Since your company’s content deserves highly skilled writers, the safe bet is usually an agency.

A marketing agency will have a staff of specialized writers ready to help you. These writers are trained in creating effective content that’ll boost your content marketing strategy. Agencies also have access to software programs that freelancers don’t. These programs can identify keywords to increase your SEO (search engine optimization). That means they can help your target audience find you online!

When you hire a marketing agency, you can rest assured that you’re getting a team of highly skilled content creators. And you’re also getting accountability! If the first draft of your white paper doesn’t hit the target, the agency can ask another writer to step in and help improve it. Unfortunately, if a freelancer produces subpar work, you might have to pay them for their service and find another freelancer to finish the project.

Where to find the best white paper writers to hire

White papers educate your clients. They keep your existing customers informed of your new products and services and can even increase your lead generation. So it’s important to choose the best white paper writing service for your company.

How do you find the best white paper writing service?

Finding the best white paper writing service is easy—if you know what questions to ask! Your white paper project needs to be successful, so it’s important to choose the right white paper writer to fit your needs.

Here are a few questions to ask when you interview potential writers for your white paper project:

  • In previous white paper projects, have you focused more on B2B marketers or direct-to-consumer products and services?
  • How will you make the white paper’s technical content easy for readers to understand?
  • Do you have a copywriter and editor that can fine-tune the white paper before it’s completed?
  • Can you create social media content to help create buzz about the white paper when it’s ready to be launched?

Your white paper project is important. So ask a lot of questions and pick the best writer for your company!

How do you determine which white paper writer best suits your needs?

Outsourcing your white paper writing means partnering with a professional writer. And it’s important that you feel comfortable with the partner that you pick. There are a lot of talented writers available to you, but it’s possible that they don’t all have white paper experience. You’ll need to be aware of their capabilities and specialties. Find out as much information as you can so you can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each content agency you talk to.

Your white paper shows off your thought leadership in your field. And your white paper writing service needs to communicate that to your target audience. So ask a lot of questions to make sure your partner fits your needs—and can exceed your expectations!

How much does it typically cost to hire a good white paper writer?

Hiring an expert writer for your white paper is an investment and should be included in your overall marketing budget. Your actual cost will depend on factors like length and incorporation of graphical elements. Technical content can also affect the cost. If your writing service needs to spend time learning the technical aspects of your product or service, they might bill for that time.

Let Elite perfect your white paper

Your white paper is important to your success. It’s a great marketing tool, and you want to put your best foot forward in every marketing piece.

Elite Editing can help with all of your content creation. Visit our website today to find out how we can help your business with content creation and editing services!

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