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What famed character from the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, known for always speaking in rhyme and being Master of wood, water and hill, was left out of the movie franchise?
In Game of Thrones, Lady Catelyn married into the Stark family. Which house was she born into?
Which of the Hogwarts founders created the Chamber of Secrets?
Which is the only film of the original six Star Wars movies in which the desert planet Tatooine doesn’t appear?
Which famous historical figure did the Tenth Doctor marry?
What is Dr. John Watson's middle name?
Dr. Who isn't the only character to go by the name of "The Doctor." What other show features a character by this name?
In season 2 of Fargo, Mike Milligan recites a famous poem. What did he recite?
In the Hunger Games, Panem, once known as North America, was named after a famous Roman phrase. What is the English translation of the Roman phrase?
On the X-Files, what is the name of Scully's dog?

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