Welcome to your writer test. You have 25 minutes to complete this test.

Using the following summary, please create a tagline of thirty words and a book description of seventy words. The tagline should tell readers what the book is about—not just serve as a teaser—and the book description should entice readers to buy the book and not simply explain the synopsis.

In the year 2512, major coast cities like New York and Boston are empty due to the violent ocean riptides. They are left to rot. The people have all moved inland. Instead of crowded cities on the ground, they are now growing upwards, with cities grow taller each decade. Highly engineered materials mean humans don’t rely much on nature for survival, and planet Earth is being left to its own devices. The humans are all looking to the stars now.

But Martin McGraw has always been fascinated with life on earth. McGraw believes new things are happening that aren’t being studied, and these things could greatly benefit humanity. Specifically, the cure for cancer still hasn’t been found, and cancer is the only remaining killer of humans. McGraw convinces his lab partner Lare Dunner to join him in traveling to the remains of New York City, which has been abandoned for two centuries. But once there they quickly find that they are not alone. New York City is inhabited by people who had once been the homeless of the city. No one noticed them during evacuations—or they chose to stay. They’ve built an amazing society that’s somehow both futuristic and ancient. Their language is difficult to understand after being away from mainstream society for hundreds of years, but as McGraw and Dunner get to know these people (they call them “the Homeless”), they realize one significant thing that’s missing from the society…cancer. How did this tribe eradicate it with only old-fashioned technology? But the people won’t tell their secret or they’ll lose their way of life.

Things turn dangerous when McGraw and Dunner try to leave. They realize they’re essentially imprisoned, though they’re free to move around the city. The Homeless want to maintain their way of life, despite the dark secrets they’re hiding. McGraw and Dunner are befriended by a Homeless boy named Cai who can help them escape, but McGraw doesn’t want to leave without the cure. Dunner just wants to get home. In the end, McGraw convinces Cai to escape with Dunner and promises that he will send the cure to Dunner. Dunner tells the world that McGraw has died so that he can live with the Homeless until he finds the cure. The book ends with him sending a message to Dunner: “I have it…”

Tagline (approximately 30 words)
Book Description (approximately 70 words)


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