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Academic editing and proofreading services make a difference.

The phrase “publish or perish” has become part of the academic lexicon. Yet publishing requires an investment of time on top of your many other responsibilities.

Submit your document, and Elite Editing will take the proofreading and editing off your hands so you have time for other matters. With Elite Editing, you can complete insightful, influential work that highlights your interests and expertise and is ready for immediate publication.

When it comes to editing and proofreading services, we know what matters most to you:

  • Affordable

    Our editing and proofreading services are cost effective, even for the tightest budgets.

  • Academic Expertise

    Get experienced editors and proofreaders from top-tier universities.

  • 24/7

    Our deadline starts the moment you submit your document, whether it’s 3:00 p.m. or 3:00 a.m.

Our academic editing services include the following:

Abstract and Conference Paper Proofreading LEARN MORE

Whether you’re writing your first abstract or finalizing yet another panel presentation, our academic editors are well versed in a broad range of topics and are available to help you revise and perfect your abstracts and conference papers.

Dissertation Editing PRICING

The dissertation is the culmination of years of study. Whether you are still in the drafting stage or you are about to defend and publish, our specialized dissertation editors can offer advice on your dissertation’s organization and make sure your style and formatting meet your discipline’s guidelines, from APA style to MLA or Chicago.

Editing Grant Proposals PRICING

Writing a grant proposal is an arduous but necessary task for most in academia. Before you submit your proposal for review, make sure it’s perfect by submitting it for a thorough edit and proofread.

Academic Article Proofreading LEARN MORE

When submitting an article to an academic or trade journal, it is important to convey your subject matter in a clear and concise manner. Errors that can be caught with a simple proofread can make all the difference in whether your article will be published. Let our academic proofreading team edit your journal articles before you submit.

Lectures and Slides Proofreading LEARN MORE

When presenting to a group, whether in a small classroom or a large symposium, having even one error can interrupt the flow of your overall presentation. Avoid this by submitting your lecture materials and slides to be proofread before you present.

Textbook Editing LEARN MORE

Writing and compiling a textbook can feel like a monumental task in that textbooks often include the input of many authors and experts within a particular field. Our professional textbook editors will help you smooth out the writing and edit for consistency in voice and organization so that the final textbook can be easily understood—and learned—by a wide audience.

Our academic editing services include:
Abstract and Conference Paper Proofreading
Academic Article Proofreading
Dissertation Editing
Lecture and Slides Proofreading
Textbook Editing
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