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A lecture is a speech given for an interested audience. This may be a college lecture in front of two hundred students or a symposium lecture in front of a handful of academics. Lecturing can explain an academic topic or introduce new industry research. An influential person may give an inspirational lecture on overcoming obstacles and reaching success. A committee chair may give a presentation on goals for the upcoming year.

How do you give a lecture?

Lectures can include many materials to emphasize your main points. Often, a lecture will include the following:

  • Main Speech: The speech should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Practice your speech many times to make sure you get used to the rhythm of the work.
  • Slides: Include slides from an overhead projector, a PowerPoint presentation, or a Prezi presentation. The written materials should be free of errors that could distract from the speech.
  • Outline: Teaching lectures often include an outline explaining the basic structure to students.
  • Vocabulary: Include definitions of more complicated vocabulary or industry-specific terms.
  • Maps, Charts, Graphs: Visual aids help the audience follow along with the lecturer.

Lectures don’t have set rules. You can use the introduction-body-conclusion structure or experiment with other ideas. You can include a question-and-answer session at the end. When rehearsing your lecture, mark areas to cut out if you speak longer than the time allowed.

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Lectures and Slides Proofreading

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