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Textbook editing for the serious academic ensures your curriculum or educational work is coherent, accurate, and professional.

A textbook is a nonfiction book used to teach a specific subject. Everyone from elementary schoolchildren to graduate students use textbooks.

How to write a textbook

Experts write textbooks, often in collaboration with other colleagues. Many textbooks are subject to special curriculum standards.

Textbooks cover a wide variety of topics and have many different styles. They can be a thousand pages or thirty. While they don’t have any set page limits, textbooks tend to be longer than most other types of books.

To write a textbook, you should approach an agent or publisher with a proposal before you begin the book. Publishing a textbook takes a long time. It can take several years to move from the initial pitch to the finished product.

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Textbook Editing

The main way textbooks differ from other written materials is the length. They can be more than a thousand pages long. They are often written in collaboration. This can lead to trouble creating a standard structure and tone. Elite Editing will go over every page of your textbook to make sure it is correct, concise, and cohesive.

Our textbook editing services include the following:

  • A review of all materials for punctuation, grammar, syntax, and spelling
  • An evaluation of all sections of the textbook for cohesion of structure and style
  • A check of all visual elements for clarity and design
  • An overview of all citations and references

Textbook writing will be easier with the help of Elite Editing.


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