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Advertisement editing services will make your advertisement highly professional and convincing.

Consumers today are flooded with advertisements, so yours need to be concise, compelling, and error-free to stand out from the competition.

What is an advertisement?

An advertisement will help you present information about your products and services. Companies design ads to be visually appealing. They often convey part of a company’s identity. Ads can be elegant, wacky, or whimsical, but not for the same product or service.

Types of advertisements

They can appear in print, online, on the radio, and on TV.

How to write an advertisement

The basic rule for writing an advertisement is to keep it simple. You need to convey a complex idea or meaning in as few words as possible. The best advertisements are short but memorable.

Often, the main points of a print advertisement will include the following:

  • Title: The main headline for a print ad needs to be your best foot forward. It should be precise, attention grabbing, and perfect for your brand. It can often address a concern or interest a reader may have.
  • Body: Advertisements may have writing copy. Body copy gives you a little more room to attract customers and show them why your product is unique and useful. The body should describe the benefits customers will gain by buying your product.
  • Design: Ad copy is nearly always matched to interesting visuals and design.
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Advertisement Editing

Elite will help you write a catchy advertisement to attract customers to your growing business. Elite’s team of editors and proofreaders will help you create clear, concise copy that will stand out in the crowd. Elite Editing can also help you write job advertisements and employment ads.

Our advertisement editing service includes the following:

  • A review of ad copy for message, consistency, syntax, and tone
  • A check for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and overall correctness
  • Corrections to formatting and styling of ad copy as well as graphical elements
  • A check of live links and other online elements, when applicable

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