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Annual report editing services for your company’s crucial documentation of all fiscal-year activities will ensure your reports are readable, professional, and complete. Attract potential investors and keep shareholders abreast of up-to-date information with comprehensive write-ups edited by our professionals.

What is an annual report?

An annual report is one of the most important pieces of communication for any company. If your company is publicly traded, US law requires you to publish a report. Annual reports include vital information and statistics. They keep your company’s shareholders in the loop and entice potential investors.

An annual report gives your company a chance to explain any controversial decisions and assuage shareholders’ worries about the future. Anyone who wants to do business with your company will want to read your annual report. It is the most comprehensive representation of your company’s abilities, policies, and culture.

In addition to business-centered annual reports, there are also nonprofit annual reports.

Annual report format

Annual report format may vary depending on the business and industry. Reports often share some structural commonalities. To fulfill the requirements of the US Security and Exchange Commission, you must include the following:

  • Financial Statements and Notes: This includes any financial data and other important metrics of success. You can present data in a variety of ways, usually with appealing graphs and charts. The SEC has specific requirements for financial information that you must include.
  • Management Discussion: The SEC requires an analysis of the company’s activities and results by an appropriate representative.
  • Independent Audit: An independent firm of certified accountants must also review your financial records.

Annual reports can be dry and boring, but savvy companies use them as an important marketing tool. They will often add information to make the report more engaging and interesting to shareholders and the general public. Nonmandatory elements include the following:

  • Opening Letter: A letter from your company’s CEO, CFO, or board president sets the tone for the entire report.
  • Narrative Elements: What is your company proud of accomplishing? This is where you get the opportunity to brag! Don’t be shy in listing the myriad of ways your company has taken the world by storm.
  • Photos and Graphics: An annual report needs to be well designed. Visual elements can enhance the effect of your text.

Companies will often center annual reports on a theme or key message such as “A Year of Change” or “Looking toward the Future.”

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Annual Report Editing

An informative and engaging annual report will keep your board members, shareholders, and investors apprised of all your exciting accomplishments. Don’t let a small mistake get in the way of your message to shareholders. Let Elite Editing’s annual report editing services help you craft a professional, error-free report.

Our annual report editing services include the following:

  • Identification of any factual inconsistencies
  • Review for syntax, tone, and message
  • Review of every section for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and overall correctness
  • Correct formatting of all tables, charts, and other graphical elements
  • Check of consistency of overall style throughout

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