The Company

Columbia University has been a powerhouse of national and international higher learning for more than 250 years.

With its commitment to attracting great minds focused on pushing the boundaries of human understanding, making cutting-edge discoveries, and serving others, it’s no surprise that U.S. News & World Report consistently recognizes Columbia as one of the top five schools in the United States in multiple categories.

Columbia boasts thousands of students and staff and an equally impressive number of contributions to world-renowned publications.

The Challenge

When Columbia sought an editing company, they were looking for a lot more than mere proofreading. They wanted the following:

  • A partner who thoroughly knew the styles and content of academic materials
  • Editors who lived and breathed The Chicago Manual of Style
  • Resources that thoroughly absorbed and applied their school’s style guide
  • An editing partner that would turn around perfect documents, presentations, and course materials in the blink of an eye

The university tasked Elite Editing with proofreading content ranging from abstracts, records, and grant proposals to white papers and journal articles on international policy for several different departments.

The Solution

Elite Editing blended seamlessly into Columbia’s process from first draft to final revision. As documents came in on a rolling basis, Elite Editing set up a system to handle the flow of incoming work while meeting the client’s fast turnaround requirements.

Meanwhile, they carefully matched Columbia with editors who have backgrounds in academic publishing. A project manager coordinated the editing and return of each document, handling it from start to finish. And a senior editor with academic experience reviewed every document for errors, grammatical missteps, and style consistency. That meant that at least two skilled editors reviewed each and every page, every time. All this ensured that ramp-up time was minimal, content was reviewed knowledgably and edited appropriately, and mistake-free results were guaranteed.

The Results

  • Matched Columbia’s expectations to the letter, tackling a variety of subjects with ease
  • Provided editing services from professionals with experience at top-tier universities
  • Performed proofreading for a variety of academic documents from multiple departments
  • Delivered perfectly edited academic documents within twenty-four hours
  • Maintained 100 percent on-deadline delivery

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