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Grant proposal editing services by Elite Editing will help you successfully seek out the funding you need for your organization or program.

Much like the bidding process in the for-profit world, obtaining funding for a program designed to benefit society as a whole requires a professional, coherent grant proposal. Whether you’re submitting your proposal to a government agency or a private foundation, Elite Editing will help you put your best foot forward.

What is a grant proposal?

Organizations use grant proposals to elicit funding from private corporations or government organizations. This funding is often used to create a new program or start a research project. Grant writing can generate millions of dollars for a specific project. Proposals are invaluable for anyone in the nonprofit or academic world.

How to write a grant proposal

Often organizations will consider multiple grant proposals. The proposal is essentially a submission for a competition. There is a common proposal template that makes the proposal both easier to write and to read. Keep clarity and conciseness in mind when writing the proposal.

The structure of a grant proposal will include the following:

  • Abstract: This is the mission statement for the project. In a half-page summary, the proposal writer will sum up the project and its goals.
  • Problem Statement/Needs Statement: Why should this organization give you the grant? Provide evidence about the problem the project will address or the question the research could answer.
  • Project Description: This is a more in-depth description. Show the readers why this is the best course of action.
  • Goals: This section lists the outcome of the project. This may include short-term and long-term goals. Explain how those goals fill the needs described in the needs statement.
  • Action Plan: This lists the order of activities and short-term goals of the project. It is a combination of a description of the project and a schedule.
  • Evaluation: An organization wants to know that its money is well spent. You need to prove that the project is using the money responsibly. A grant proposal will include the criteria used to measure the progress.
  • Budget: The budget goes into the specifics of the project and how the money will be spent. The budget should be realistic and as detailed as possible.

If you are writing a proposal but don’t know where to begin, first think about whom the project affects. Organizations like government departments or charities may already be at work on the issue. Your project could be just what they need! Do your research on funding patterns and application requirements.

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Grant Proposal Editing

Grant proposals can make or break your project. Spelling, grammar, and syntax should all be perfect before you submit the application. It is important to have a third party look over your work. Elite Editing will go over every detail of your proposal and make sure it is free of errors.

Our grant writer support services include the following:

  • A comprehensive review for spelling, grammar, and syntax mistakes
  • An evaluation of every section of the proposal for consistency and cohesion
  • A comparison of the grant proposal components against the application requirements

Use our grant proposal editing services to make the best impression possible.


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