Case Study: Platinum Advisor Strategies

Platinum Advisor Strategies Gains Returns from Exceptional Services by Elite Editing

The Company

Platinum Advisor Strategies began when two financial advisors took a look at their industry and asked a single question: Can independent financial advisors better reach and develop relationships with potential clients?

The answer was a resounding yes, and the firm that’s “by advisors, for advisors” quickly grew into a network of thousands of the United States’ leading financial advisors.

Today, Platinum Advisor Strategies equips financial advisors with the knowledge and the materials they need to reach, educate, and retain customers in their target audiences. Providing everything from marketing materials to educational one-pagers, from PowerPoint presentations to web copy, Platinum Advisor Strategies continues to enable independent advisors to turn the corner on success in new and exciting ways.

The Challenge

Because the content Platinum creates assists at every point in the sales process, these documents have to be accurate, consistent in voice and tone, well written, and letter perfect.

To ensure that level of quality, Platinum quickly realized they needed the safeguard of an editorial review but weren’t confident that there was a need for a full-time editor on staff. On the other hand, Platinum didn’t want to entrust their materials to a new editor every week.

So Platinum decided to seek out an editing partner with very specific qualifications:

  • Top-flight proofreading and editing services, each and every time
  • Ongoing availability of editing resources
  • A team of editors who take ownership over Platinum’s style guide and specific requirements
  • Ability to seamlessly blend into their document creation and management systems
  • Ability to turn around error-free, professional marketing materials on tight deadlines

All of this they found in Elite Editing, and Platinum chose to open a corporate account.

The Solution

Elite Editing blends seamlessly into Platinum’s editorial process from start to finish.

Materials are tracked by a dedicated Elite Editing project manager and handled by a team of editors. Elite’s project manager is looped into Platinum’s internal workflow system, and documents move seamlessly back and forth through their online portal. No extra steps are required.

The senior editor assigned to Platinum—who has a thorough knowledge of their style requirements—reviews each project for tone and voice, creating a high level of editorial consistency.

Elite’s process includes a final quality check, and senior editors field questions and ensure editorial quality. These rigorous methods help Elite maintain a quality score of more than 99 percent and a 100 percent score for turnaround time.

This enables Platinum to put their best foot forward, offering every client a product that reflects their trademark concierge service. It also allows the Platinum team to concentrate on what they do best: empowering advisors to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their clients.

And this is why Elite Editing has become an integral part of the Platinum marketing department.

“We need consistency and speed when we’re designing newsletters or sending our clients a PowerPoint. We just don’t have time to apologize for sloppy work or say, ‘Oops,’ if a marketing brochure has a glaring typo or wrong fact. And that’s where Elite Editing has our back.”

The Results

  • Provided editing services from professionals with experience at Fortune 500 companies
  • Performed editing and proofreading for a variety of financial industry marketing materials
  • Maintained 100 percent on-deadline delivery
  • Offered streamlined monthly invoicing with no need to worry about submitting payment