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Training manual editing services by Elite Editing will help you create professional, practical, easy-to-use training documents.

No matter the subject matter, a manual is written for an audience that is often already familiar with much of the analysis in your material. Readers will thus be looking for well-structured lessons and visually appealing graphics. Elite Editing will help you create the perfect manual for your industry!

What is a training manual?

A training manual is an instructional book written to help others complete a complicated task. Training manuals are used to introduce new employees to specific skills or teach current employees new techniques.

How to write a training manual

Writing a training manual can be a complicated process. Training manuals need to be simple enough for all employees to understand. They also need to be detailed enough to take employees through procedures step by step.

Training manuals include the following:

  • Lessons: Training manuals are broken up into the smallest possible sections. This keeps the guide from becoming too much of an information overload for readers. You should base lessons on the job objectives and the job description. You should structure lessons in a cohesive order, with each lesson building on the previous one.
  • Example: Examples are one of the easiest ways to teach information to employees. Examples help them think about applying the lessons to a real-world situation.
  • Graphics: Pictures and diagrams help illustrate the examples. The relationship between these graphics and text should be clean and simple. Too many graphics too close to each other can lead to a confusing guide.

The manual also lists specific company policies and procedures. Creating a training manual helps new employees understand techniques and represents the values of the company. The manual should reflect the voice and style of the company.

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Training Manual Editing

There are many components of a training manual, and nearly every company needs at least one. With all that information to keep track of, some of it may get lost in the writing. Elite Editing can make sure your manual is as simple and clear as possible. We will catch any mistakes and make sure the manual reflects the company.

Our manual editing services include the following:

  • A review of text for spelling, grammar, and syntax
  • A thorough evaluation of each lesson for logic and cohesion
  • An overview of the voice, tone, and mood of the manual for company style
  • An evaluation of the layout of the text and graphics for simplicity and flow

Elite Editing, with its training manual editing services, can help you edit and proof your instructional materials. Take the first step in creating a great training manual today!


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