Brand marketing and content marketing are both crucial to your overall marketing strategy. In order to develop and execute a successful marketing campaign for your business, it’s important to understand the purpose and goals of both brand marketing and content marketing. From there, you can create great content within your brand guidelines to increase the effectiveness of your marketing plan. This leads to increased brand awareness and sales!

Purpose of brand marketing

The purpose of brand marketing is to highlight your company’s mission and vision for your target market. Your customers already know that you sell goods and services. Brand marketing can help your brand explain to customers why they should buy your product. Smart brand marketing builds your consumer loyalty to earn you more sales and increase your bottom line.

How does brand marketing work?

Brand marketing communicates more than just your products to your target audience. It incorporates multiple aspects of your brand identity to the public. Successful brand marketing tells the story of your business. It explains not only what you sell but also why you sell it and how it will help your customers.

Consumers want to buy products from companies they trust. Once you’ve marketed your goods and services to your target market, you can use platforms like social media, your website, and radio and television advertising to communicate to your customers that you’re a trustworthy expert in your field. This increases your brand awareness and establishes brand loyalty with your clients.

What are the goals of brand marketing?

The goals of brand marketing are similar to any other marketing strategy: increase your sales. And because brand marketing helps your customers get to know the company behind the product, your target audience will feel connected with you.

Once the public understands who you are, why you make your product, and how it will help them, they’ll continue to buy from you rather than your competitors. This brand loyalty earns more sales for you and helps your bottom line.

What can brand marketing do for a business’s bottom line?

Because brand marketing boosts your brand awareness and loyalty, it increases your sales without you having to launch an expensive marketing campaign. Loyal customers will talk about your product with their family and friends, which is free marketing for you. And you can stick to lower-cost marketing platforms like social media rather than paying big advertising costs.

In other words, brand marketing helps increase your brand identity and sales without costing you a lot of money.

Goals of content marketing

Content marketing attracts your target audience. It pulls customers to you with helpful information while brand marketing helps your consumers understand why they should buy your product. This information might include a blog, a YouTube channel, or a social media campaign. Basically, the main goal of content marketing is to inform and engage with your customers.

What are examples of content marketing with clear goals?

Your content marketing strategy needs to both inform your customers and fall within your brand guidelines. Here are a few examples of content marketing with clear goals:

  • Set up a blog with helpful articles for your target market. Post once or twice a month so that your readers know you’re active! The articles should establish you as an authority and an expert in your field. And if you don’t have a professional writer on your staff, consider partnering with a content marketing agency to create great content that your target market will enjoy.
  • Embark on a social media or email campaign. Your goal here is to gain new subscribers, so your content in these campaigns needs to be top notch!
  • Diversify your marketing. Don’t just rely on your website content or Facebook posts. Be creative! Post a couple of helpful videos. Or host a free webinar to educate your customers. People love variety, so give them some options.

Content marketing isn’t only about advertising your product. Be sure to focus on the consumer rather than a sales pitch. Talk directly to your audience. Remember: people love to buy, but they hate to be sold!

How do you set a content marketing goal?

Every marketing strategy needs clear goals to succeed. And you can design a successful content marketing strategy as long as you can identify where you are now and where you need to be. For instance, if you’re a start-up company that currently lacks brand awareness, you’ll have to start from scratch to reach your target audience. And if you’re rebranding your established business, you’ll have to communicate your new logo and mission to the world.

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between the goals of a business-to-business (B2B) marketer and a business-t0-consumer (B2C) marketer. Because B2B marketing attracts businesses as new clients and B2C focuses on individual consumers, you’ll have to adjust your goals depending on your target market.

Why is content marketing important for a business?

Content marketing is important because it establishes a connection between you and your customers. Anyone can promote a brand through advertising. However, it takes special talent to create helpful content that will keep your audience coming back. Successful content marketing shows the public that you are an expert in your field. And this keeps them coming back for repeat sales!

How to merge your brand marketing with your content marketing

Brand marketing and content marketing go hand in hand. Although they serve different purposes, it’s important to keep consistent branding across all your marketing platforms. From your social media strategies to the logo and messaging on your actual product, you have to successfully merge both brand and content marketing.

Why should you combine content marketing and brand marketing?

Great content doesn’t just pull customers to you. It encompasses your brand. If you haven’t already, you should establish brand guidelines that include keywords that describe your company, the tone of voice that every website landing page and blog post should include, and the overall visuals that you want to show your target audience.

You should of course include SEO-friendly content across all your online platforms. However, if your content creation doesn’t follow guidelines to help support the brand itself, your content marketing strategy could confuse your customers by communicating different messages. The most successful marketing strategies combine content marketing and brand marketing in one cohesive message.

Who should be involved in merging brand marketing with content marketing?

Chances are you already have a professional marketer on your staff. These experts are skilled in content creation and keeping up with every Google trend to help you succeed. If you don’t have a full marketing department, you can involve other members of your staff to help you merge brand marketing with your content marketing.

Your C-suite executives should be involved in developing your marketing strategy. After all, they run the company, so you need their buy-in on how you’re going to market your products and services. Don’t forget that you can also ask other employees for input, even if they’re not part of your formal marketing team. You never know—you might have an influencer in another department who’d love to help your marketing efforts!

How do you develop a strategy to merge brand marketing with content marketing?

Every successful campaign involves a well-developed strategy. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you construct your road map to merge your brand marketing with content marketing:

  • Identify your ideal buyer persona, and determine where they will find you. Is your demographic on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or is it more likely that they’ll hear about you on a radio or television commercial?
  • Establish brand guidelines so that your content creators know what keywords and tone to include in the branded content.
  • Research what your competitors are doing on their website and social media What’s working for them, and what’s not? Apply this knowledge to boost your marketing campaigns.
  • Create a content calendar that outlines your action items. Assign a date to each blog post and social media. This will help you consistently communicate with your audience.
  • Outline an interactive social media campaign to engage with your audience. This might be a poll, a contest, or even an infographic that will educate them.

Once you’ve developed your strategy, stick to it! When you have a cohesive road map, it’s easy to merge your brand and content marketing so that you can produce great content within your brand guidelines.

Tips for tracking the effectiveness of your brand marketing and content marketing

You worked hard developing your marketing strategy. So how do you know whether it’s working? Whether you’re creating brand new content or repurposing content from an old marketing campaign, you have to track your success. Here are a few tips on how you can track the effectiveness of your brand marketing and content marketing.

What metrics should you pay attention to when tracking the effectiveness of your brand and content marketing?

To track your digital marketing program’s effectiveness, you should pay attention to a few metrics. Social media makes it easy because most platforms include key performance indicators (KPIs) that show you which posts reached the most people and earned the most engagement.

If you have a knowledgeable web designer, they can research which blog post did the best in a given month, whether your website traffic has increased or decreased, and even how much time potential customers are spending on each page on your website.

A deeper dive into your KPIs and metrics can show you your conversion rate and the sales that your digital marketing effort has earned. There are a lot of metrics that go into your bottom line, and it’s important to know what’s working and what’s not so that you can alter your strategy as needed.

What resources are available to track the effectiveness of your brand marketing and content marketing?

Fortunately, there are many resources available to attract the effectiveness of your brand marketing and content marketing. In addition to built-in social media metrics, there are also helpful—and sometimes free!—websites that will perform an SEO audit on your website to show you how your content strategy is performing.

Don’t forget that you can partner with a content marketing agency that has specialized software to track these metrics. Marketing is an investment in your business. And because marketing should lead to sales, it’s important to know what’s working and what you need to adjust.

What are the best measures of content marketing effectiveness?

In order of find out whether your content strategy is effective, you can look at a few different metrics:

  • Has your website traffic increased?
  • What are the top performing pages on your website?
  • How much time do users spend on each blog post or landing page?
  • Are you generating more leads from your website and social media platforms?
  • What are your most successful social media posts from an engagement perspective?

Because these are hard statistics, they are some of the best measures of content marketing effectiveness. And once you review these stats, you can determine what you might need to change or alter within your marketing strategy.

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