Advertorial is (somewhat obviously) a combination of the words advertisement and editorial, and that is exactly what an advertorial is: a story or article meant to sell a product or service.

Because an objective story is more believable than an ad, advertorials have an authoritative air about them. Writing an advertorial blends the skills of an advertising copywriter with the wordsmithing of a journalist. The goal is to sell a product or service by writing about it in an engaging and decisive voice.


Here are a few tips on writing advertorial copy that will be read and will sell, whether this is your own product or service or you are a freelancer writing for a client:

  • You should have a sense of the style used by the publication in which your advertorial will appear. A daily newspaper will be very different from a fashion magazine, and your copy should blend in.
  • Break up the copy with snappy subheads. Keep paragraphs short. Small blocks of information will keep your reader from getting bored or bogged down.
  • Use quotes from satisfied customers that explain the benefits of the product or service or demonstrate their success with it.
  • Avoid jargon and advertising cliches. Use plain language that will keep potential buyers reading.
  • Don’t forget the call to action, whether in the form of a phone number, URL, or other contact information. Put it near the end; you want to keep it understated, but the point, after all, is to sell.

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