online writing resourcesThe Internet is a fertile ground for writers seeking information, and the number of online writing resources seems to grow daily. That’s a bit of a problem: Google pulls up over twenty-one million results for a “writer’s resources” search—far more than you want to sift through to find the answers you need.

To make things a little easier, we’ve put together a list of our nine favorite online writing resources, from basic grammar sites to blogs offering advice on freelancing, business writing, and marketing for authors.

Bane of Your Resistance

Bane of Your Resistance provides science-backed solutions to the many obstacles writers face, from perfectionism and writer’s block to the dangers of procrastination. If you’re having trouble putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), this site will help you get your writing back on track.

Be a Freelance Blogger

Be a Freelance Blogger covers all aspects of blogging, from finding inspiration to building your audience. The site is a valuable resource for bloggers, whether they’re writing for fun or pitching their blog-writing skills to interested businesses.

Build Book Buzz

You’ve just finished your first novel. Congratulations! Now, how are you going to market it? Build Book Buzz helps you learn how to promote your masterpiece and get it out there for the world to see.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Looking for work as a writer? Freelance Writing Jobs offers a list of the latest paying gigs posted online, all backed up with a library of informative articles and writing resources.

Grammar Book

You’re proofing you latest work, and suddenly realize you can’t remember if a semicolon or colon is the right choice for a sentence. Grammar Book is a quick, free reference for most of your grammatical needs.

High-Income Business Writing

Run by writing mentor Ed Gandia, High-Income Business Writing offers growth strategies for business-minded writers. The site includes an extensive article base on the writing market, how it changes over time, and how to succeed when writing for businesses, as well as Ed’s entertaining and informative podcasts.


Who do you turn to when you want honest, candid criticism of your writing? Wattpad is one of the largest online writing communities available. Post your work on the site for feedback from writers and readers alike. It’s also a great place to build buzz for your upcoming publications.

The Write Life

A monster of a site, the Write Life offers insightful articles on freelancing, marketing, blogging, publishing, and the craft of writing. You’ll find information on everything from how to write a pitch to creating believable dialogue.

Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents

Getting published is much easier if you have a literary agent, but how do you find one who’s willing to work with you? The Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents helps you discover what literary agents look for in clients, how to write query letters, and what to expect as you enter the publishing world.


Finding credible sources online can be a difficult task for any writer. Here’s additional information from Elite Editing on Finding Credible Sources.


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