Here at Elite Editing, we understand needing to explore all the options before making a decision. But for aspiring authors looking to self-publish, researching all the different digital publishers can be quite the time killer. So from the research fanatics here to the POD authors out there, here is a list of several print-on-demand alternatives to, with minibios, to get you started on finding the digital publisher that is right for you and your manuscript!

Print-On-Demand Publishers: A Comprehensive List

  • AuthorHouse: With over 60,000 titles in print, AuthorHouse assigns every author a publishing consultant and boasts of an “author-centric” mentality.
  • Booklocker: A small team in business since 2000, Booklocker present their publishing options as low-risk, low-cost alternatives to other digital publishers.
  • Bookstand Publishing: Since 1996, Bookstand advertises offering more for your money—more copies, more illustrations, and more control.
  • CreateSpace: A merger in 2005 became CreateSpace, an Amazon company that offers POD services and a variety of formats for books, music, and videos.
  • Dog Ear Publishing: A small, enthusiastic digital publisher, Dog Ear offers its authors personalized service, industry experience, and distribution guidance.
  • Fultus: Fultus offers authors the opportunity to try out services before paying, welcomes international authors, and advertises no hidden costs.
  • Infinity Publishing: Infinity has published over 6,000 titles since 1997 and is dedicated to making the publishing process as simple for authors as possible.
  • iUniverse: Founded in1999, iUniverse offers authors in the United States and Canada an experienced team and strategic partnerships in the industry.
  • Lightning Source: Offering several publishing options, Lightning Source was started in 1997 and holds several environmentally friendly certifications.
  • Llumina Press: Defining itself as authors for authors, Llumina Press offers a variety of publishing options, as well as editing and marketing services.
  • Outskirts Press: Outskirts Press appeared in Inc. 5000 as the fastest-growing POD publisher (’09 & ’10) and offers highly customizable publishing options.
  • PublishAmerica: PublishAmerica positions itself as a traditional publisher using POD technology; it does not charge publishing fees.
  • Rose Dog: A part of Dorrance Publishing, Rose Dog advertises a “lowest fees” guarantee for POD services.
  • Virtual Bookworm: Virtual Bookworm is a self-proclaimed authors’ “clearinghouse” and publishes only approved books since 2000.
  • Wheatmark: Started in 1999, Wheatmark strives to combine quality content, access to publishing, and savvy marketing for the success of its authors.
  • Wordclay: Wordclay makes its POD services as simple and user friendly as possible, offering step-by-step directions for the whole process.
  • Xlibris: Xlibris has more than 20,000 titles in print and allows authors to publish with them while still sending their manuscripts to other publishers.
  • Xulon Press: A subsidiary of Salem Communications, Xulon Press helps Christian authors self-publish, market, and distribute their Christian books.

Additional Resources

Mark Levine, in his book The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, grades several print-on-demand publishers. Booklocker, Infinity Publishing, iUniverse, and Lulu made his outstanding list, while PublishAmerica and AuthorHouse made his publishers-to-avoid list. also reviewed and created a list of top digital publishers.

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