SEO, or search engine optimization, is vital to a strong online presence. It’s how your potential clients find your website. Whether you focus on local SEO or a larger-scale endeavor, search engine optimization absolutely must be a part of your overall marketing strategy. Basically, the stronger your SEO, the more easily your target audience will find you online. And great digital content is crucial to boosting your page SEO and domain authority. However, before you start revamping your website and social media to increase your website’s visibility, you need to understand the challenges and pitfalls you might encounter—as well as how to avoid them. Read on to learn more about SEO mistakes in digital content production.

Challenges with SEO in digital content production

Creating a steady stream of high-quality SEO digital content might seem like a daunting task. And though it’s true that it can present some challenges, it’s rewarding and fun when you get on the right path! The first step to SEO success is learning how SEO is important in digital marketing.

How is SEO important in digital marketing?

If your content marketing strategy isn’t focused on SEO, you could be losing business. SEO is how people find your website. It’s crucial to building brand awareness, gaining leads through your website, and converting those leads into sales.

When you create great digital content, your domain authority increases. Your website earns more organic traffic. And the more people that find you online, the higher your leads and sales will be!

What are the challenges of digital marketing?

Creating and maintaining a strong SEO-focused digital marketing strategy takes a lot of work. Here are a few challenges you might run into, as well as how to avoid them:

  • Creating low-quality content. Each landing page, blog, and social media post must be high quality. Low-quality content can hurt your SEO, and therefore your organic traffic. Avoid practices like keyword stuffing or linking to old sources. Instead, use newer, relevant sources and spread out your keywords.
  • Creating content that can’t be scaled. Scaling content marketing is a key component of every SEO strategy. Make sure your content can be easily expanded or repurposed. This will save you time and help your SEO!
  • Incorporating links the wrong way. Linking to relevant, high-quality websites can help your SEO. The more backlinks you have, the more organic traffic will flow your way! Make sure your anchor text aligns with the exterior content you’re linking to and try to only use recently published sources.
  • Avoiding guest posts. Consider requesting a guest post from a relevant source or writing a guest post that a related company can publish on their website. This is a built-in backlink opportunity that can boost your SEO.

If you avoid these common mistakes, you’ll stay on the right path to SEO success.

What is the difference between SEO and content marketing?

SEO and content marketing are closely related digital marketing types. Simply put, SEO is a technical process that helps you rank higher on a search engine results page. Content marketing is the creative method that builds your brand awareness.

Your content marketing strategy should involve components like blogs, social media posts, white papers, and videos. The more diverse your content, the higher your SEO. Just make sure that your content is high quality!

Common SEO pitfalls in digital content production

Even the most seasoned content marketer is prone to an occasional SEO mistake. However, since even a small mistake can hurt your SEO, you should know what pitfalls to look out for so you can set yourself up for the best chance of SEO success.

What are some common SEO mistakes in digital content production?

Successful digital content production doesn’t stop at high-quality SEO content writing. Yes, your online content needs to draw organic traffic. However, there are a few other common mistakes that you want to avoid:

  • Slow website speed
  • Ranking for the wrong keyword
  • Failing to include a meta description and title tag

In addition to these mistakes, there’s one more issue you’ll need to avoid: a communication breakdown in your digital content production process.

What are common breakdowns of communication in the digital content production process?

Many web design mistakes are easy to avoid. However, a communication breakdown can also threaten the success of your digital content production. Whether you’re handling your content creation in house or working with a content marketer who specializes in SEO, you need to clearly outline your team’s guidelines, criteria, and expectations.

One of the best ways to clarify your content creation goals is to create a content calendar. This document should identify each topic, due date, your preferred long-tail keyword, and the target audience. You should also provide any information specific to your company, such as some preferred websites to reference or verbiage that the writer should include or avoid. Providing this information will help you avoid SEO pitfalls.

What are the consequences of these SEO pitfalls?

A strong digital content production strategy can boost your SEO—and your overall business! However, there are negative consequences to your SEO success if you fall into the common SEO mistakes.

If your website has design flaws like slow loading speed, a search engine will rank you below your competitors. Additionally, low-quality digital content like keyword stuffing or typos can also prevent a search engine from ranking you toward the top. Each common SEO mistake can lower your domain authority. So avoid these mistakes at all costs!

How to avoid SEO mistakes in digital content production

The first thing you need to avoid SEO mistakes is a solid content marketing strategy. Your strategy should include a variety of content for your website and social media platforms. Once you’ve built the strategy, make sure to follow it and make adjustments as you go.

What do you need to do to avoid common SEO mistakes in content production?

In order to avoid common SEO mistakes in your content production, you need to stay on track. Many companies find it helpful to incorporate a content quality checklist into their digital marketing strategy. A checklist helps ensure that each piece of content delivers high-quality information and increases your SEO. Here are a few things that your checklist should include:

  • Helpful websites to link to—as well as websites to avoid (Remember: backlinks are great, but an improper backlink with the wrong anchor text can hurt your SEO.)
  • Keyword research parameters to ensure that each piece of content uses the right keyword
  • Guidelines for the meta description and title tag

So, who should work on this checklist? The next step is to identify who should be involved in your digital content production.

Who should be involved in the digital content production process?

Strong teams are essential to every successful business. Just like your sales, production, and design teams, you have to assemble a great content marketing team!

First, you’ll need an expert content marketer to identify how your digital content strategy can lead to SEO success. Additionally, you’ll need a content writer and a social media expert. If you’re planning on hosting webinars or starting a video channel, you might need a videographer and someone comfortable speaking in front of a camera.

When you identify the key players of your content marketing team, you should also consider bringing in a web or SEO expert. These specialists can help ensure that your website loads quickly, is aesthetically pleasing to your potential customers, and is protected against spammers and hackers.

Regardless of which positions you fill, make sure that editing is a part of their standard process.

What is the importance of revision and editing in the SEO writing process?

Every single piece of content that you publish online is a reflection of your company. If your content is full of mistakes or typos, your audience will notice. Every small error can make potential customers lose faith in your company. After all, if a business isn’t willing to edit and revise their content before publishing it, what other details will they ignore during the sales or production process?

Just like humans will notice mistakes in your content, each search engine will too. Companies like Google have built extremely strong and smart programs that can identify typos, keyword stuffing, and other mistakes or oversights. If you don’t put each piece of content through an editing and revision process, your domain authority will drop—and this is a huge SEO mistake that you need to mitigate.

How a digital content production team can mitigate SEO mistakes

You need to find the right people for the right job. When you build a digital content production team with digital content experts that fit well into your company’s culture, you’re setting yourself up for SEO success!

As you outline and scale your digital marketing strategy, here are a few positions that you might want to consider hiring for:

  • Content creation: You’ll need an SEO-savvy writer or two to boost the SEO for your website and social media platforms.
  • Web design: Unless you already employ someone who can write code and fix internal website issues, a professional designer is an important tool to have handy.
  • Video production: As you grow and enhance your online presence, you should reach out beyond written content into media like a YouTube channel and webinars.

Hiring experts with experience in digital content production gives you the peace of mind that they already know what they’re doing. They know what SEO mistakes and pitfalls to look out for, as well as how to avoid them. In other words, they should be well versed in mitigating SEO mistakes.

How does a digital content production team go about mitigating SEO mistakes?

One of the first steps that your digital content production team should take is performing a site audit to check for any existing SEO mistakes. This process involves reviewing website components like your website speed, HTML code, and whether all links still work.

Additionally, your team should take a close look at your existing content. How are your SEO and domain authority? Is there any duplicate content? Do any of your static landing pages need to be rewritten? How effective is your social media presence?

After the site audit is complete, your team can get to work fixing any mistakes. Along the way, they can mitigate additional mistakes by thoroughly communicating and by following the branding guidelines, content checklist, and content calendar that you provided to them. Teamwork makes the dream work, and your digital content production team needs to work well together!

Why does a digital content production team need to work well together to mitigate SEO mistakes?

To mitigate SEO mistakes, your team needs a few traits and resources:

  • Excellent teamwork and communication
  • A thorough understanding of the company’s culture and brand
  • The ability to create high-quality content within the designated deadlines
  • A content calendar outlining each piece of content

Does this sound like part of a job description? It should! Regardless of the actual position each employee fills on your digital content production team, they should embody these characteristics. However, you’ll also need to set them up for success by providing them the resources they need to make your company shine online.

What is the key to a smoothly running digital content production team?

Just like any other team within your company, the key to a smoothly running digital content production team is the people. Try to hire team members who embody your company’s culture—and treat them well! Happy employees who feel appreciated tend to feel more personal investment in their jobs. They’re more productive and produce high-quality work.

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