Why Your Business Should Hire a Social Media Writing Service

We’re living in a highly digital age. Just about everyone has smartphones and laptops, and social media is a normal part of our daily lives. That goes for our personal lives as well as our businesses. Social media has been gaining momentum for years, and it’s here to stay. When you understand the influence that social platforms have, you’ll see how important social media content writing services are to a successful business.

Types of social media content writing services

When choosing a professional company to handle your content writing, you have to be confident that the partnership will be a good fit. Take the necessary time to determine your needs and find the best content writer for you.

What are the types of social media content writing services?

Just like any business, different content writing services have different specialties. Some focus on web copy or researching and writing long articles packed with data and statistics. Others focus on shorter content like blog writing and tweets. The one thing all these companies should have in common is their ability to provide quality content to your target audience across all social media platforms.

How should you determine what type of social media content writing you need?

The first step is to work on identifying your target audience. If you’re catering to a relatively young, casual demographic, stick to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. A more formal target audience might be drawn to places like LinkedIn and may be more inclined to read longer articles and blog posts.

A fringe benefit of partnering with a social media content writing service is their expertise in this field. They can help you formulate your social media program and strategy to ensure that you can hit your target and create great content.

What are the most important elements of a business’s content marketing strategy?

The answer lies within the question: strategy. You need to have a plan before you begin content creation. First impressions are important, and social media is no exception.

Nothing is more confusing to a customer than mixed messages from their vendor. So make sure that the verbiage and messaging throughout all of your social media posts are consistent. And keep in mind that less is more. There’s no need to drone on for paragraphs if you can sum up your point in a sentence or two.

Benefits of hiring a social media content writing service

When a customer begins their hunt for a potential vendor or partner, they’ll most likely start by looking online and on social media. If your SEO content isn’t strong enough, you won’t even pop up in their search. Hiring a professional SEO content writer can eliminate that issue and get your business noticed online. (Side note: keep in mind as you sift through resumés that authors and writers are not always the same thing; check out our post on the author vs. writer debate for more!)

How can a social media content writing service help your business develop a target audience?

There are billions of people around the world on social media, so your online presence is vital to your success. Millennials—who occupy a huge part of the workforce—use social media daily. Your target audience is online, just waiting for you to ping them.

A professional content writing service must be a true partner—they are an extension of your business. Content writers are well versed in SEO needs and trends, so they can help identify the best target audiences based on your company’s mission and goals. Once they understand your needs, they will create content directed at your target audience and drive up your SEO statistics.

How can creating social media content help strengthen customer relationships?

Social media content doesn’t have to be confined to blog posts and tweets. Stay in front of your customers and the general public by posting customer pictures, ideas, and even reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just be sure to get your customers’ permission!

When you post something positive and fun about a customer, you create a personal connection and rapport. The customer now feels more invested in your company and will very likely provide you with repeat business and referrals.

How can creating social media content help businesses create brand awareness?

Unless your company specializes in SEO content and social media platforms, you probably don’t know the ins and outs of high-quality content writing. You probably don’t know anything about Google’s algorithms, do you? No! And why should you? You and your team have a business to run. So let the experts handle the SEO stuff—that’s why you might even want to hire a content marketer to plan this strategy for you.

A professional content writing service can do wonders for your company’s online presence. They know the keywords to use in carefully crafted social media posts and blogs. They will work to ensure that your message and verbiage are consistent throughout all social media platforms. And they will get your name in front of a LOT of people.

How to choose social media content creation services

The internet is great for many things. But when you’re trying to find a partner to help with your social media marketing, it can seem like an endless ocean of ads and clickbait. So how do you narrow down the options?

Unfortunately, it takes time, patience, and research. But it’s worth it! Digital marketing and a strong content strategy are critical to succeeding in business these days. If you invest some TLC into your social media accounts and produce better content, chances are you’ll get the ROI you want.

What should you look for in social media content creation services?

As with any service, your social media writing partner must be a good fit for your needs. Communicate with them via phone and email before signing on with them to make sure they truly understand your target audience and marketing strategy. Ask if they have anyone on their staff with particular expertise or experience in the topics you want to cover. This is basically a job interview, so you can be tough! Your partner will be writing on your behalf on the internet—the world’s biggest stage—and they have to make you look good.

Don’t slack on research! And don’t be afraid to ask questions of the many choices out there. For instance, is the provider active on Twitter? What about other social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn? How many blog posts do they have on their own website? If a social media content company doesn’t take the time to groom and perfect its own digital marketing program, you can’t be confident that it will take good care of yours.

What should you avoid when deciding on social media content creation services?

Again, research is key in choosing the best social media marketing partner. If you’re well informed, you’ll make the best decision for your digital marketing strategy.

Read through as much of their website content as you can stomach. Assign other team members in your company to read, too! Oddly, people in accounting and human resources tend to have a great eye for typos and grammatical errors. Too many mistakes on a company’s own website should be an automatic rejection.

Check out online reviews, and focus on the best and worst entries. Read what other users and clients have to say.

What determines the cost of social content creation services?

Content creation does not have a “one size fits all” pricing structure. Clients want different formats for their content, and some take longer to create than others. Some topics require more research as well, which will lead to additional costs. Every client’s needs are different, so each price estimate should be customized to that client.

The price of social media marketing will vary based on word count and the length of read. For example: some writers will charge a few pennies per word. This is great for quick and easy blog posts, but it might mean they won’t take much time to research your topic. Other writers charge an hourly fee, which could be better for more educational pieces with a more academic target audience. Regardless of your goals and requirements, be sure to choose the right pricing structure for your company.

Top social media content writing services

In your search for your social media writing partner, it’s important to make sure that they have a strong online presence and are knowledgeable about content marketing plans in general. They need to understand how to improve SEO content and results for all companies, whether it’s a major corporation or a family-run company looking for small business marketing. Out of all the companies that tout themselves as “the best,” how do you know who’s really at the top of the pile?

What are the best content writing companies?

Content creation companies are difficult to rank from best to worst because writing is so subjective. A company might excel in writing blog posts or job descriptions for social media, but if that’s no interest to you, you might rank them near the bottom.

Try to focus on reviews and word of mouth. If someone is willing to recommend a company due to their excellent service, it’s worth checking out. Also poke around for your potential writing partner’s list of clients and case studies. If well-known clients are willing to post their logo on a company’s website, that company is probably worth talking to.

What are some pros and cons of working with a freelance social media content creator?

Freelancers can be great to work with. They’re hungry and eager to please. They’re willing to do the research necessary to write effective content to help you succeed. However, a pitfall of freelancers can be timing and deliverables. Many freelancers have other employment obligations and might only be able to write for you outside of normal business hours.

How do the best content writing services set themselves apart?

Every service-based company should be able to prove that it can adapt to its customers’ unique needs. Anyone can write, but not everyone can write well. The top social media content writing providers will have impressive Twitter accounts. They will have poignant and powerful blog posts and a strong presence on Facebook and LinkedIn. Read as much of their content as possible to ensure they’re the best fit for you.

From social media content writing services to search engine optimized web copy, Elite Editing has your business covered. Contact us, and let us know what your business needs—we have a team ready to deliver.

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