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A person at a desk working on a laptop and taking notes

The Significance of Quality Writing and Editing in Content Marketing

Sep 14, 2023 in Writing

As a content marketer, one of the factors for achieving successful campaigns is the creation of high-quality written content. Quality writing plays a role in…

A keyboard with the comma key circled in red

Why Using the Oxford Comma Is Important in Your Writing

May 15, 2023 in Editing

Good writing is essential for any content marketer or writer since it conveys the message to an audience quickly and accurately. However, mastering the rules…

A screenshot of the Hemingway Editor with several lines of highlighted text

The Hemingway App Review and How to Use

May 11, 2023 in Uncategorized

Being a great writer isn’t just about having an expansive vocabulary and clever ideas; it’s also about crafting content that is easy to read, engaging,…

a person marking a document with a red pen

Why You Need to Eliminate Fluff in Your Content Writing

Apr 27, 2023 in Editing

Picture this: you’re surfing the Internet to find articles to help you on a given topic. Maybe you’re looking for advice on a home improvement…

A pencil marking the editor entry in a dictionary

Copyeditor vs. Line Editor: The Difference and Who You Need

Apr 19, 2023 in Editing, Proofreading

Depending on what type of editing service you need, there are two options that may be applicable: copyeditors or line editors. You've probably heard of…

verbs vs adverbs

Grammar 101: Verbs vs. Adverbs

Apr 04, 2018 in Grammar

  What are verbs and adverbs? Simple! An adverb is a verb that has gone into advertising. Okay, that was a joke. But in fact,…

online editing companies vs. grammar checkers

Online Editing Companies vs. Grammar Checkers

Mar 15, 2018 in Editing

Technology is great…when it works. It's more fun, for example, to lazily watch the Roomba chase your dog around the living room than push a…

Commas in Dates

Commas in Dates: How Do You Write a Date?

Mar 08, 2018 in Grammar

  Using commas in dates in the American format requires that we separate the weekday from the month and the date from the year with…

what is a conjunction

What Is a Conjunction?

Mar 01, 2018 in Grammar

So what is a conjunction, anyway? A conjunction is a word or set of words used to connect sentence elements. Conjunctions connect thoughts, actions, ideas,…

Affect vs Effect

How “Affect vs. Effect” Affects Your Writing

Jan 31, 2018 in Grammar

  “Affect” is normally a verb meaning to change, impact, or influence. “Effect” is usually a noun meaning the result of a change. On the…

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