Proofreaders' Marks

Proofreaders’ Marks Explained

Having an understanding of the following proofreaders’ marks is imperative in desktop publishing. The standard proofreaders’ marks were created so that there would be a consistent style—almost a language of sorts—for editors and proofreaders to communicate through, regardless of their backgrounds, locations, or trades. These easily understood graphical symbols are essentially the language we editors speak when marking a hard copy. Whether editing a proof that has been typeset or even proofreading a final copy just before it goes to the printer, the editor is often the last set of eyes on a document before it is released, and these proofreaders’ marks are what we use to communicate our changes. Here’s a list of the standard proofreaders’ marks for your reference.
Proof Reader Marks

3 thoughts on “What Are Proofreaders’ Marks?

  1. Jonathon Angelo says:

    I have a proofreaders mark that isn’t in your list, It is “TR sent” whatever that means. I need your help in figuring this out so can you please send me an e-mail and help me figure out what this means because I’m clueless as to what it is, Thanks, Jonathon Angelo

  2. lemlem says:

    my english teacher put the following mark on my essay. what does it mean? here it is: in that journey there were three people whose kindness shined bright. (Elizibeth, Sam, and Joe) SF she added the parentheses and SF what does this mean?!?!!? thanks.

  3. I have been a proofreader for a long time now and I could say that I am expert on it. It is a very enjoyable work for me..

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