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A dissertation is the final step in completing your doctoral program. It is the result of your many years of academic study and research. Students submit dissertations to a committee and institutional review board. They will analyze and evaluate the dissertation to determine whether you have earned your doctorate. Dissertations usually take over a year to write.

How do you write a dissertation?

A dissertation is the reflection of your years of research. While it should be clear and concise, it also needs to be detailed. You need to structure the large amount of information and research your dissertation will cover.

A dissertation should include the following:

  • Introductory Materials: The first few pages of your dissertation will cover basic information. This can include a title page, table of contents, list of tables, and list of abbreviations.
  • Introduction: This should convey your academic talent and curiosity. It explains why you think your dissertation is so important. It should introduce the research question and provide a short preview of the rest of your paper.
  • Literature Review: This places your dissertation alongside other work in the area. It describes how your dissertation is important and unique. It should be about the length of an essay.
  • Methodology: This should also be around the length of a normal essay. This explains the methods you used and the way you evaluated your results.
  • Findings: This is the hard-data section of the dissertation. Present the data simply and clearly.
  • Discussion: This is the interpretation of your data. Explain how the literature review, methodology, and findings complement each other.
  • Conclusions: Did your findings answer the question you posed? Wrap up your dissertation with a clear final statement. Suggest ways you could improve the research in the future.
  • Bibliography: List the sources you studied during the course of the research.
  • Appendices: Include any additional information you deem necessary for readers to understand your dissertation.

People sometimes use the terms “thesis” and “dissertation” synonymously. A dissertation is completed in a PhD program, and a thesis is completed during an undergraduate or master’s program.

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Dissertation Editing Services

Dissertations can be immense, thorny works. They often end up being hundreds of pages long. Writers are also often too close to the research project to step back and see the bigger picture. Elite Editing’s dissertation editors can provide an objective review of the paper. They will make sure that it is structurally sound.

Our dissertation proofreading services include the following:

  • A review for spelling, grammar, and syntax
  • An in-depth study of the dissertation for internal logic and consistency
  • A fact-check of all graphs and other data representations
  • An evaluation of the dissertation for professionalism and clarity
  • An overview of the layout and relationship between graphics and text

Elite Editing’s dissertation editing service will help you write a clear and complete dissertation on any subject.


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