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A college essay is a paper written in college classes. A college essay may be a project during the semester, but it can also serve as a test or even a final. Students write essays to prove or disprove a thesis or answer a question.

What elements are present in a college essay?

Just as there are many types of majors in college, there are many types of college essays. They can be about any subject, from literature to math. Essays may be responses to particular prompts, or students can sometimes propose topics.

Regardless of subject, most college essays will include the following:

  • Introduction: This is a way of guiding readers into the essay. It can place the essay in a larger historical background, list other research projects that have attempted to answer similar questions, explain why this particular research is so important, and acknowledge other opinions on the subject.
  • Thesis Statement: The thesis statement is the conjecture the essay will prove. It has to be something realistic that you can either acknowledge or refute in the length of an average essay.
  • Body: The body will offer your research and the interpretation of your results. It will back up your thesis.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion provides a wrap-up to the essay. It may suggest further research you can pursue in the future.
  • Bibliography: Acknowledge any source you consulted.

College essays usually run from three to twelve pages in length. Many professors prefer a double-space format with Times New Roman font in size 12. This is the most common style, but you should consult your professor about the preferred format.

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College Essay Editing

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Our college essay editing services include the following:

  • A review by an essay proofreader for spelling, grammar, and mistakes
  • An evaluation of the results and presentation of the data
  • A review of the clarity of the work and whether the body ties to the original thesis
  • An overview for correct style and formatting
  • A comparison of the essay to the original prompt or question

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