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Website editing for professional developers or first-time administrators is critical to ensure you put your best foot forward with your target audience.

A website is one or more pages located at a particular address on the Internet. A website may be personal or professional. It can feature one web page or thousands.

How to create a website

A beginning web designer can use a content managing system or website-building platform like WordPress or Joomla to create the website. You’ll then be led through a simple step-by-step process. A website can include many different features.

The following are examples of websites:

  • Business Website: A business website serves as an advertisement for the business. Pages can detail the various products and services offered. A news section can promote any recent accomplishments. The website should also include contact information.
  • Professional Website: Writers, artists, and other creative professionals use websites as online portfolios. The website will include a wide variety of work for potential employers to browse.
  • Personal Website: People use personal websites to share their lives with friends and families. A personal website may have a photo section of a recent trip or a blog about daily life. A popular type is a wedding website. Before the big day, the wedding website could include the registry and location information. After the wedding, it may feature photos from the big event.

These are only a few examples—there are many, many types of websites.

Take Your Communications to the Next Level

Elite Editing is built for you. We employ only the best writers, proofreaders and editors, who are on call for you, at any time, to get the job done right. Let us show you how you can take your business communications to the next level!

Website Editing

Writing web copy can be easy and fun with our tips and tricks for writing online content. Elite Editing can help you create the perfect personal or professional website.

Our editing services include the following:

  • SEO Editing: Search engine optimization (SEO) editing will help your website attract views. SEO editing includes specific keywords to improve visibility. This ensures that your website will appear higher on online search engine results.
  • Web Copy Editing: Basic spelling, punctuation, and grammar are important on web pages. Too many errors can distract viewers, who may leave your site instead of exploring it. Elite Editing’s copyeditors will keep your content free of errors.
  • Navigational Structure Review: Nothing is more frustrating than a poorly structured website. Confusing formatting and broken links don’t reflect well on the creator. Elite Editing will check your website for optimal navigation and user friendliness.
  • Web Copy Optimization: The use of special keywords improves visibility for viewers and search engines. Editors will help keep your copy clear and concise.
  • Social Networking Support: Website creators often link their websites to social media accounts. These include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Elite Editing will look at your wider social media footprint. Our editors make sure all your accounts are error-free and reflect your unique viewpoint.

Create a website that reflects your professional or personal life with the help of Elite Editing.


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