Now more than ever, businesses are depending on their digital marketing strategies to connect with their customers. However, generating engaging and effective content takes time.

Outsourcing content creation can save you hours each week. In fact, 84 percent of companies claim they outsource content creation, according to a recent article from Oberlo.

One way you can outsource content is by working with a content marketing agency. Marketing companies will hire a professional writer to brainstorm, research, write, and edit your content.

Content writers have trained in creating in-depth pieces that are brand specific. As a result, when you outsource content writing, the writer will conduct extensive research on your brand and style before creating content.

Outsourcing content will also improve your content marketing strategy. Assigning different content production jobs to multiple writers will allow you to generate more content in a short amount of time.

This will naturally increase your brand awareness. With more quality content across different social media platforms, you will be able to communicate consistently with your target audience base.

Reasons to outsource your content creation

Outsourcing content can save you time and money because hiring a content creator allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Additionally, hired content writers often offer article proofreading services to ensure you are publishing quality content.

Improve your ROI by choosing the best content to outsource

To determine what types of content creation you should outsource, first evaluate your content marketing return on investment (ROI). Assess which areas of content are the most time consuming and therefore the costliest to create in house.

Outsource the content that requires the most time and effort. For example, if generating weekly blog articles takes significantly more time than updating social media posts, then outsource blog writing.

Furthermore, consider the types of subject matter you are looking to outsource. In general, avoid outsourcing content writing that involves sensitive information about your business.

Save money by focusing your efforts on your business

Outsourcing content creation is simply more cost effective than hiring a full-time writer.

In addition, when you hire content writers on a per-project basis, you can focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy. Allocating your time and effort toward improving different elements of your business can help you save money overall.

For instance, rather than spending time on content writing, you can analyze your business’s content marketing statistics. Having the time to consistently review these numbers will allow you to better use your marketing budget.

Grow your business by strengthening its online content

When you hire a content writer to generate posts, articles, and updates across your social media platforms, you are increasing your business’s online presence.

In today’s highly competitive digital marketing landscape, a strong online presence is critical. Consistent content creation allows you to connect with your targeted audience base.

This creates a domino effect. The more content you publish, the more opportunities you give your followers to share that content. Shared content reaches new potential customers, expanding your reach.

However, inconsistent content production or low-quality content can increase your bounce rate.

Benefits of outsourcing content

Outsourcing content creation has many benefits. Oftentimes, content writers advertise quick turnaround times and cost-effective rates. You can also generate more traffic and leads, improving your overall marketing strategy.

Reduce bounce rate by ensuring content quality

In today’s world of digital marketing, your business’s success can greatly depend on your content creation. However, generating content that is both consistent and effective is challenging.

If your content is not engaging or useful to your viewers, then you run the risk of increasing your bounce rate.

Outsourcing work to professional writers will reduce the risk of creating content that does not generate traffic or leads. Trained in both writing and marketing skills, content creators understand how to create pieces that improve your overall content marketing strategy.

As a result, working with a content marketing agency and group of professional writers can better ensure that your business generates quality content.

These companies also usually offer business editing services. Thus, you can ask marketing agencies to review your previously published content so that it is engaging and effective.

Finally, you can get more out of your marketing budget when you outsource content creation. According to a report by DemandMetric, content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing. It also generates three times as many leads.

Save time by outsourcing busy content creation work to professional writers

Generating content is a major responsibility.

Writing consistent blog articles, social media updates, and product descriptions takes time. In a recent survey conducted by Statista, 28 percent of business professionals claimed to spend one to three hours generating a single piece of content.

With so many different social platforms for your business, those hours can easily add up.

By outsourcing content creation, you relieve yourself of the obligation to produce content. As a result, you can take the time you originally spent on content writing and editing and designate it for other business purposes.

Furthermore, by working with a content marketing agency, you save the time it takes to find and recruit a content writer who fits your needs. You can also save money, as the cost per hire will be cheaper if you go through an agency.

Increase flexibility and freshness by outsourcing to a group of creators

Outsourcing content production allows you to work with many writers at a given time.

When you work with a content marketing agency, you have a group of professional writers at your disposal. As a result, if your brand’s voice changes or a particular writer does not fit your style, then you can work with a different content creator within the agency.

This flexibility is key when thinking about content creation overall. Writer’s block is an inevitable side effect of generating constant content production.

However, when you outsource assignments and work with a group of content creators rather than a single in-house writer, you reduce your risk of generating repetitious and disengaging content.

Challenges of outsourcing content

Although there are many benefits to outsourcing content, there are also some challenges that are important to note. Understanding these obstacles and developing open communication with your marketing agency can help you prevent these challenges from arising down the road.

Avoid the potential pitfalls of outsourcing content

When you outsource content creation to a marketing agency or professional writer, it is important to keep in mind that you are not their only client. This can sometimes cause delayed responses and impact the turnaround time.

Additionally, hiring business-to-business (B2B) marketers to generate content for your business can limit your control over your brand’s voice. Certainly, when you have in-house employees writing website copy, generating social media posts, and creating blog articles, they have a deep understanding of your brand.

General content creators, on the other hand, may not be as familiar with your company and industry. This can create a disconnect in their content marketing strategy for your business. Likewise, it can lead to content creation that is not specific to your brand.

Finally, it is also important to note that price often influences content quality. While you should establish a content creation budget, remember that outsourcing content at an inexpensive price can result in low-quality content.

Find a creator who will make your brand stand out

To stand out amid the thousands of other search results, you need content that is unique to your business. Generic content that fits any brand does not resonate long term with site visitors.

When you outsource content creation, it is important you communicate your brand’s message and strategy with the marketing agency or content writer you choose to work with.

To equip the writer to create content that is engaging and relevant, you need to make sure they understand your brand. Unengaging content can reflect poorly on your business, as it can decrease traffic and lose the interest of originally loyal followers.

However, hiring a writer who has a background within your industry can help you avoid these problems. And remember to outline your content marketing strategy and review previous blog and social media posts with the writer. This will better prepare them to generate content that fits your business.

Discuss your goals and message before choosing a content creator

Communication is vital when hiring an agency or writer to generate outsourced content for your business.

If you do not clearly establish your marketing goals and brand, the writer will have a difficult time creating content you want. This can lead to you wasting time and money on content creation that you cannot use for your business, sending you back to square one.

Take the time to have a discussion with the marketing agency or writer so that you can outline your expectations. You can also ask to review some of the writer’s previous work to determine if their writing style fits your brand.

The process of selecting writers for your outsourced content

Once you have established your content marketing plan and budget, you can start your search for content creators. Following the steps outlined here during your search can help you find the content creator who best fits your business.

Outline your goals, and research your options

First, outline your content marketing strategy. Even small businesses need a well-established plan. Having clear marketing goals will help writers generate content that fits your brand.

Next, research content marketing agencies within your industry. While some companies offer content writing services across diverse fields, other companies work within specific niches.

Once you have found potential marketing agencies, ask each company to complete a test project. This is a simple way for you to establish which group of B2B marketers best fits your brand.

It is important to note that you will often have to pay the companies for these test projects. Therefore, it is a good idea to assign different projects to different agencies, as you can potentially use all the content created.

Finding a marketing or editing company that seamlessly blends with your business will improve your overall content marketing strategy.

After you have selected a marketing agency or content writer, review your overall content marketing strategy. Provide the content creators with a set of detailed information that describes your desired tone, layout, and format.

Find candidates for content creators

A good place to start your initial search for content creators is to run a simple Google search. This will pull up a long list of potential marketing companies and writers.

From there, you can reach out to members of your community and ask for referrals. Posting in your town’s online forums can help narrow down your list. Perhaps someone else within your town has worked with an agency on your list and can give you some helpful advice.

Finally, you can also check social media for potential leads on marketing agencies. Oftentimes, these businesses advertise on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Gauge how well outsourcing your content creation is benefiting your business

One way to make sure outsourcing content benefits your business is to track your website’s traffic.

Google Analytics is an online resource that allows you to collect a variety of performance metrics. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also have analytics tools that allow you to collect data on traffic, user demographics, and more!

By comparing these metrics before and after you start outsourcing content creation, you can calculate whether you are increasing traffic and conversions and improving your content marketing ROI.

Overall takeaways and additional resources

Outsourcing content is a great way to save time and money. Working with a content marketing agency and team of professional writers can allow you to generate content that drives traffic and increases brand awareness.

At Elite Editing, we work with a variety of different clients to generate high-quality content. When you submit a project, we assign you a writer that best fits your brand.

For example, Platinum Advisor Strategies partnered with our team of editors and writers at Elite Editing. Our ability to understand its brand and work under tight deadlines has allowed our team to generate content that best fits the firm.

Learn more about our writing, editing, and proofreading services today!

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