In today’s world of constant content creation, every word counts. The quality of your content can mean the difference between a high bounce rate and a high conversion rate.

As a business owner, writing engaging content across all your social media platforms can be time consuming and challenging. In fact, according to a Fronetics study surveying marketers, 44 percent claimed they do not write their own content.

By hiring a ghostwriter for your social media, you can improve your content marketing strategy while saving time. Ghostwriters are professional writers, trained in writing for a variety of platforms.

From developing new blog post ideas to generating consistent social media updates, a ghostwriting service can help optimize your business.

How to decide whether to hire a ghostwriter for your social media

Writing engaging content for your social media pages can be overwhelming. With so many platforms demanding constant content creation, writer’s block is an obstacle for many business owners.

However, there are a variety of services to outsource, and doing so will save you time and improve your content marketing strategy. Finding a freelance writer who has trained in content creation can be a great asset to your business.

Knowing the advantages of hiring a ghostwriter

You control the byline. When you hire a ghostwriter for your social media, the content they create is published under your brand’s name. In fact, ghostwriters will usually write in the first person, so your content will read as if you wrote the piece yourself.

Additionally, a professional ghostwriter can help you generate ideas for new content. This is especially helpful when it comes to ghost blogging. Generating daily or weekly blog posts takes time and consistent effort.

Consistency is key when you are establishing your brand and connecting with your audience. Hiring a freelance writer will alleviate the pressure of creating quality content each week.

Finally, ghostwriters can create content that is specific to your brand. Hiring a writer who has a background within your company’s niche will naturally lead to content that is relevant and engaging for your readers.

Considering the downsides of hiring a ghostwriter

Although hiring a professional writer can save you time and effort, it can get costly depending on the type of freelance writing service you choose. The price of ghostwriting can range from as low as $10 an hour to a couple hundred dollars per project.

As you determine the amount you want to spend on writing services, it is also important to consider the quality of content associated with each price tag. In general, when you pay a lower fee, you run the risk of receiving lower-quality content.

Furthermore, while ghostwriters try to capture your company’s brand as well as they can, they will not be writing your exact thoughts. Some business owners view this as a drawback and choose to write their own content despite the time commitment.

However, as mentioned, freelance writers conduct extensive research before writing, and this helps them understand your company’s voice.

Overcoming the challenges of hiring a ghostwriter

First, include ghostwriting services in your content marketing budget. This will allow you to determine how much money you can allocate toward freelance writing.

After you have decided on a cost, research ghostwriters with a background in your company’s field. For instance, if your brand focuses on health and wellness, search for ghostwriters who have science backgrounds or experience writing on nutrition.

If you hire a writer who does not have experience in your field, they may not generate content that is relevant for your social media followers. Finding a ghostwriter within your niche will allow you to avoid these types of problems down the road.

How to calculate the time you’ll save with a social media ghostwriter

Creating quality content for your social media page is a tedious process. Along with brainstorming an idea, you must research, establish keywords, write, edit, and format the final product for search engine optimization (SEO).

According to a survey by Vertical Response, 39 percent of small businesses spend more than six hours per week on social media. By researching online writing resources and hiring a ghostwriter, you can use these hours to work on aspects of your business outside of content writing.

Estimating how much time a social media ghostwriter could save you

First, review your content marketing strategy. Survey all your social media platforms, generating a total list of your accounts.

Once you have a list of all your social media outlets, you can calculate how much time you are currently spending on content creation for each account.

When determining the amount of time you spend on each account, be sure to consider the time it takes you to brainstorm new post ideas along with the amount of time it takes you to research and write posts.

Add up the time it takes you to generate content for each platform. This total number of hours is a general estimate of the amount of time you will save by hiring a ghostwriter for your social media.

Discovering how much time a social media ghostwriter will save you

Once you have filled the position for your ghostwriting job and the writer has completed a week’s worth of work, you can gain a good idea of how much time the ghostwriter will save you going forward.

For services such as social media sets and ghost blogging, a week of ghostwriting work will generally give you enough information so that you can gauge how much time you will save.

Taking advantage of the time a social media ghostwriter has saved you

One way you can take advantage of the extra time is by analyzing your overall social media marketing strategy.

Using a variety of online analytics resources, you can collect data on when your followers are most active, which types of blog posts best attract your followers, and which social media campaigns generate the most traffic and conversions.

Some free online tools you can use to gather social media performance metrics include Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and Instagram Analytics.

Collecting this data and presenting it to your freelance writer will allow them to generate the content that is most effective for your audience base. Effective content improves your overall content marketing strategy, as it can lead to increased traffic and conversion rates.

Another way you can take advantage of the time you save is by establishing new contacts and clients. Developing new connections will help your business grow.

How to find a ghostwriter for your social media

There are a variety of resources you can use that will aid in your search for a ghostwriter.

Reviewing websites that advertise ghostwriting and reaching out to members within your community will help you find a freelance writer who is a good fit for your business.

Knowing where to look for a social media ghostwriter in your community

If you are looking for a local ghostwriter, advertising at your town’s library is a great way to start. Create a flyer and ask to display it on the library’s bulletin board. You can also make copies of the flyer to hang around town.

In addition, you can post your ad in your town’s Facebook community forum. This is a great online resource for virtually connecting with writers in your community. You can also ask for referrals through your community’s online forums.

Consider also reaching out to your town’s high school or any nearby universities. Often, English teachers and professors will pick up freelance writing jobs on the side. Getting in contact with them is also a great way to expand your network.

Using the best methods to find a social media ghostwriter

First, narrow your search down to your company’s industry so that you can find the type of writer you need. Different industries require different writing styles. By searching in your field, you are more likely to find a writer within your niche.

Next, set clear expectations when you advertise your ghostwriting job. Be sure to outline the expected weekly word count as well as a required background in social media SEO. If you are also looking for article proofreading along with writing and editing services, highlight that in your job posting.

Setting clear expectations at the start of your search will help you attract qualified ghostwriters.

Finding a social media ghostwriter online

A simple Google search is a great starting point for your online search.

Some editing companies will even match you with writers and editors who are within your company’s industry.

At Elite Editing, we offer a variety of writing and editing services including but not limited to ghost blogging and social media writing. We work with businesses and individuals, matching our clients with a writer who meets their needs.

How to interview a ghostwriting candidate

The interview is your chance to determine which professional ghostwriter is the right fit for your business. Choosing a writer who aligns with your brand is key when generating engaging social media posts that will improve your content marketing strategy.

Determining whether a ghostwriting candidate will be a good fit for your brand

Before the interview, ask the writer to send you a sample of their previous work. By reviewing their portfolio, you can often determine if their writing style aligns with your brand.

Additionally, during the interview, see if the potential ghostwriter expresses a genuine passion toward your company. If they have an authentic excitement about your brand, this will show through in the content they generate for you.

It is also important to determine whether the writer keeps up with your industry’s latest news and updates. Focus some of the interview questions on recent trends within your industry as well as common terminology. This will help you determine if the writer is well versed in your field and will be able to create niche content applicable to your brand.

Communicating your expectations to a ghostwriting candidate

During the interview process, it is important that you highlight how a sense of organization is key. Managing multiple social media accounts requires professional writing skills as well as clear planning.

Ask the ghostwriter how they intend to manage content for all your social platforms. This will give you insight into the writer’s sense of organization along with their potential content marketing plan for your social media accounts.

In addition to discussing the writer’s skill set, also highlight the time commitment for the ghostwriting position. Ask the potential freelance writer if they can commit to a certain number of social media updates and hours per week.

Likewise, if consistent ghost blogging is another expectation, ask the writer if they can commit to a certain number of blog posts per week.

Finally, in today’s highly digital world, it is important that your ghostwriter understands how to write for SEO. Be sure to ask them how they plan on optimizing your pieces for search engines. Asking this question will allow you to communicate that writing for SEO is an expectation.

Avoiding asking a ghostwriting candidate the wrong questions

Avoid asking ghostwriters if they plan on outsourcing your work as another freelance writing job. Instead, at the end of the interview, simply explain that in your company’s contract, outsourcing work is not permitted. This will allow you to establish a level of transparency as well as clear expectations.

Similarly, rather than asking the writer if they plan on displaying work they complete for your company in their portfolio, explain your policy on portfolio pieces at the end of the interview.

Overall takeaways for hiring a ghostwriter

Hiring a ghostwriter for your social media accounts can save you time and improve your content marketing strategy.

As trained writers, ghostwriters can generate consistent, high-quality content that drives traffic and increases brand awareness.

Finding the right freelance writer for your business is key when searching for ghostwriting services. At Elite Editing, we have professional writers and editors who can create engaging content formatted for SEO.

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